Verdean Union

The Verdean Union
Unión Verdeano
VU Flag.png
Emblem of the Verdean Union
Map VU.png
Map of the Verdean Union (Member Nations in Green, Observers in Blue)
Formation8 de Mesjula DI 200
Legal statusSupranational organization
PurposePolitical and economic cooperation
HeadquartersCorazón del Rio, Centro Verde, The Republic of Isla Verde
Region served
Verdean Archipelago
(see below)
Official language
Classical Verdean, Vulgar Verdean
General Secretary of the Verdean Union
Flag of Plata.png Ramón Fransisco del Toro
Main organ
Verdean Central Council

The Verdean Union is a supranational organization intended towards fostering the cooperation and economic development of nations in the Verdean Archipelago. It is also responsible for ensuring rule of law, human rights, and democracy throughout the Archipelago, as well as encouraging the development of socialist economies in the region. Its legal framework was adopted in the Pan-Verdean conference of DI 199, which itself entered into force the following year with the formal creation of the Verdean Union. Currently 272,962,428 people are citizens in a nation that is a full member of the Verdean Union,

The Verdean Union has served to foster the creation of a common market, as well as sponsoring an organization, the Pan-Verdean Restoration Corps, an organization dedicated to rebuilding the Verdean nations after the Capisarian occupation of the Archipelago. The Verdean Union is one of the primary supranational organizations of Greater Meridon, and is a partner of the larger Meridonian Union.

The Verdean Union establishes rules via the Central Council which is composed of fifteen members (three per full member nation), one whom is appointed general secretary. New legislation is passed on a two-thirds majority the council.


The Institutions of the Verdean Union are:

  • The Verdean Central Council: The primary legislative body of the Verdean Union, elected by the general population of member nations. A leader, (the General Secretary), is appointed by the council to maintain decorum, and act as chief diplomatic officer of the Council. Based in Corazón del Río, Verde.
  • The Verdean Central Court of Justice: Serves to enforce human rights protections, and arbitrate trade issues. Based in El Dorado, Plata
  • The Verdean Police (VerPol): Acts as an enforcment arm of the Verdean Central Court of Justice, based in El Dorado, Plata
  • The Verdean Economic Development Department: Organizes trade between Verdean nations, and hosts the Meridonian Economic Development Index, a major indicator of economic development of nations in Greater Meridon. Based in Castille, Verde
  • The Pan-Verdean Restoration Corps: A major organization in the Verdean Archipelago responsible for the assistance with development of the less developed nations in the Archipelago, it's role has expanded somewhat to include other poorer communities in Meridon, especially those of Culturally Verdean nations, and Verdean minorities in Greater Meridon. Based in Corazón del Río, Verde.


Members of the Verdean Union must be predominantly ethnically Verdean, and must submit to a five year trial period wherein they are granted non-voting Observer Status. Ascendancy into full membership status mandates a two-thirds majority approval of the Council. Observers do not have voting status in the council, but are granted the right to join the common market and are not obligated to be predominantly Verdean. Currently there are five full voting members of the Verdean Union, and two Observers.

Voting Members

Official Name Capital Population Joined
Verde The Republic of Isla Verde Castille, Centro Verde 224,670,350 Founder
Plata The Democratic Republic of Isla Plata El Dorado, Districto Capital 35,678,976 Founder
Diamante The Septonate Brotherhood of Isla Diamante Ciudad dele Templo, Isla Diamante 156,215 Founder
Lesser Verde The Confederacy of Lesser Verdean Islands El Sacramento, Isla Rubí 12,456,987 DI 208
Los Cuarzos The Cuarzan Confederacy Matanzas, Gran Cuarzo 1,276,485 DI 217

Observing Members

Official Name Capital Population Joined Type
Dorado The People's Republic of Isla Dorado Puerto Bello, Puerto Bello 56,876,425 DI 215 Provisional Membership
Davidos The Free Republic of Davidos Puerto Libertad 27,560,115 DI 205 Observer status, given to government exile, full membership is disallowed until end of conflict.
Datchlia The State of Datchlia Hadradstadt 32,624,500 DI 200 Granted Honorary and Observant membership for its generous contribution to the Pan-Verdean Restoration Corps