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Duchy of Yntela

Flag of Yntela
Coat of arms of Yntela
Coat of arms
Common languagesTrellinese
• 629-650
Vasiqru I
• 924-963
Tarqü II
• Established
• Annexed to Namija
Succeeded by
Principality of Namija
Today part of Trellin

Yntela was an Ethlorek state in eastern Trellin that existed from the seventh to the tenth centuries in the territory of modern Namija. First settled in the second century AD, the territory came under the sway of the Dangish city-state Intel. Religious conflict was frequent in Intel's Ethlorek territory, and a peasant uprising in the mid-seventh century developed into a war for independence, supported by their neighbours in Eskaukar. Unusually, peace negotiations were arranged and mediated by King Barsanon of Txir, who sought to restore his lucrative trade links with Intel.

The newly-sovereign duchy, approximately retaining the name of its mother state, had its capital at the market town of Almuren; it flourished from trade with other cities along the Hanoth river. Under Duke Qiëos II, Yntela prosecuted a twenty-year war with Namija, aimed at securing a port on the Hanoth delta and which, though won, ultimately cost the duchy its alliance with Eskaukar and won it no significant territory. Over the next two centuries, Namija would gradually buy back what land it had lost, while intermittent border disputes with Namija and Eskaukar stymied Yntela's attempts to regain access to the sea.

Torn between traditional loyalties to the Dangish states and Ethlorek culture, Yntela for much of its history struggled to maintain both its sovereignty and its territorial integrity. It found itself diplomatically isolated and, by the mid-tenth century, had lost all but a fraction of its former territory. The death of Duke Tarqü II at the Battle of Samrin, in 963, spelled the end of an independent Yntelan duchy, and the statelet was annexed by Namija.