Principality of Namija

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Principality of Namija

Flag of Namija
The Principality of Namija (green) at its height, c. 1100
The Principality of Namija (green) at its height, c. 1100
Common languagesTrellinese
• 644-682
Rembedh I (first)
• 1818-1835
Lusilia (last)
• Established
• Union with Trellin
Succeeded by
Today part of Trellin

The Principality of Namija was an Ethlorek state in the east of modern Trellin. Namija was originally settled in the second century BC, with a second wave of settlers from Trellin arriving some time afterward. From their capital at Cavari, the princes of Namija subjugated their neighbours in Minia, Yntela and Eskaukar to dominate the course of the Hanoth river by the turn of the second millennium. They remained amiable to their northern neighbours in Ja'ekha and consequently were a bastion of stability during the numerous wars fought in the eastern Sea of Velar, though they entered into conflict with the Andamonian Empire on several occasions. From the twelfth century, it fought a series of wars for supremacy over the city-states of the Olahu Peninsula. Namija suffered a number of internal crises in the fifteenth century, which temporarily ended its involvement in Andamonia. Namijan ratafran re-entered Andamonia in the sixteenth century, bringing guns and cannon that led to a complete transformation of politics, society and technology in that country.

Namija remained generally uninvolved in west Velaran politics throughout its history and rarely looked further west than the Isles of Velar, although it traded eagerly with Trellinese merchants at Mintra and traders from beyond the Sea of Velar. In 1769-70, during the War of the Velaran Succession, a number of Namijan merchant ships were seized by Trellin, leading Namija, among others, to pursue a policy of armed neutrality. Namija entered the Trellinese Empire following the marriage of Princess Lusilia to Trellin's Txerig III in 1835.


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By the nineteenth century, Namija's influence in the Sea of Velar was waning. Trellin had made large territorial gains in the previous two centuries: its peaceful assimilation of the Grand Duchy of Ja'ekha, in 1790, had given the Trellinese Empire a long frontier to the north of Namija, and the King of Trellin was also King of the Isles of Velar from the 1730s. Namija maintained good relations with Trellin and an alliance with the County Kur'mali, but it was widely accepted that a war with Namija's eastern neighbour, the Dangish Empire, would be ruinous for the principality. By the accession of Princess Lusilia, in 1818, relations were deteriorating with both the Andamonian Empire and the Oostwarden League. The assassination of Lusilia's father by revolutionaries had spawned fears that Namija's neighbours would see and exploit a moment of weakness. The Duke of Almuren, as the head of her cabinet during her brief period of minority, laid the groundwork for stronger ties with Trellin and was appointed as ambassador to Trellin on his request. In 1822, Namija formally applied for protectorate status under the Trellinese Empire.

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