2nd Sharifistani-Danistarabian War

2nd Sharifistani-Danistarabian War
Part of Sharifistani-Danistarabian Wars
Sharifistani Empire and Danistarabian Empire
Status ongoing
Traditionalist Military Alliance (including Sultanate of Sharifistan, Kamilistan and Langenia amongst others), various Sharifistani police force, Sharifistani privateers, SternGuard Private Military Contractors, statist faction of the Free Danistarabian Army. Emirate of Danistarab, Danistarabian mafia, Sharifistani drug cartels and Sharifistani street gangs Rogues' Guild (Sharifistan)
Commanders and leaders
Prince-Regent Khalid Suleiman Khan,Lieutenant-General Khalid Aslan, Chief Police Officer Aisha Khan, Lieutenant-General Ahmed Khalid Ali Muhammad Khan, Air Marshal Suleiman Ali Muhammad, Sharif Ahmed Islam President Muhammad Al-Danistarabi unknown
Units involved
Royal Sharifistani Army, Royal Sharifistani Navy, Royal Air Cavalry, Directorate of Military Intelligence, the Royal Gendarmerie, Al-Nuh (a privateer ship) and various police forces. Military Intelligence Agency, Danistarabian Secret Police, Danistarabian Air Force, Danistarabian Navy, Danistarabian Army and various Danistarabian mafia factions as well as various Sharifistani street gangs. unknown
approximately 50-60 million unknown 200,000-350,000
Casualties and losses
10 people killed, 5 planes downed and 32 spies captured. 202 people killed, thousands captured none

The 2nd Sharifistani-Danistarabian War is an ongoing war between Danistarab and Sharifistan as of 2020, as result of tensions over the murder of nine Sharifistani police officers and 100 Danistarabian suspects and the deployment of Sharifistani spies to avenge the deaths of the police officers.


The Islamic Sultanate of Sharifistan (then simply called the Sultanate of Sharifistan) went to war with Danistarab in the 1st Sharifistani-Danistarabian War over the assassination of Sultan Suleiman Khan and Danistarabian organised gangs were responsible for a number of crimes in Sharifistan. During the 1st Sharifistani-Danistarabian War, Sharifistan supported Islamist revolutionaries in Danistarab (a Muslim-majority country under a secular government) which lead to the establishment of Al-Harreh Danistarab (literally "The Free Danistarab", a state of Sharifistan in former Danistarabian trerritory)