Alfred Hess Institute of Physics

The Alfred Hess Institute of Physics
Alfreda Hesa Fizikas Institūts (AHFI)
TypeResearch institute
FounderAlfred Hess
DirectorGuntis Jaunvimba

The Alfred Hess Institute of Physics (AHFI; Alfreda Hesa Fizikas Institūts in Hytek), also commonly referred to as the International Physics Centre is an international research institute dedicated to progression in the field of physics and mathematical sciences. The original institute was founded in 1649 by Hytek physicist Alfred Hess, but was not named after Hess until the institute relocated in 1935. The institutes first form existed in Cesni, and housed many influential scientists and physicists long after Hess' death. In 1935, a bipartite agreement signed between the Hytek government and the Assembly of Nations relocated the institute to Krasno, where it is today, and works both in advancing physical sciences and bringing pre-existing physics teachings to other parts of the world.

AHFI now receives funding and endowments from the AN, as its mission has been tied to humanitarian causes, promoting the teaching of science to children across the world, and developing scientific programs that allowed scientists from across the world to effectively communicate.

The institute has a notable partnership programs with the University of Krasno, and many students from there visit the institute often.


  • Further the field of physical and mathematical sciences through innovation and experimentation;
  • Develop teaching programs to spread the fields of physical and mathematical sciences to those less fortunate, considering the needs of less developed states;
  • Promote the growth of scientific excellence from less developed states;
  • Conduct high-level research on an international scale and standard.


Research at AHFI is conducted in various and numerous fields of both physics and mathematics, but specialises in five fields:

  • Applied physics and mathematics
  • Astrophysical sciences and astronomy
  • Atomic and subatomic physics
  • Biophysics
  • Nuclear physics

Staff at AHFI come from many different backgrounds, and include high-ranking physicists, professors, postdoctoral fellows and temporary residents for collaborative research. Many lectures, seminars and talks are given at one of AHFI's four theatres throughout the year, and the site hosts many world-famous physicists' talks. The institute itself also has multiple programs that allow children from developing countries to visit the institute.


  • Hess Award – for those who have made outstanding contributions to the field of physics.
  • AHFI Medal – awarded to physicists from developing nations who have made notable contributions to the field of physics or mathematics.
  • Brant Award – awarded to mathematicians who have made outstanding contributions to the field of mathematics.