Archadian Federation

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Federal Kingdom of Archadia

Regno Federale di Archadia

Official languagesArchadian
Recognised national languagesLanguage
Recognised regional languagesArchedian
GovernmentFederal Parliamentary Constitutional Monarchy
• Monarch
Vittorio Emmanuele V
• Prime Minister
Giovanni Messe
19 May 1415
25 April 1423
20 June 1423
17 December 1443
15 January 1475
25 April 1591
12 September 1601
12 March 1815
23 November 1995
24 April 1996
10,597,457 km2 (4,091,701 sq mi)
• Water (%)
• 2015 estimate
GDP (PPP)estimate
• Total
$1.23 trillion
• Per capita
HDI (2015)Increase 0.884
very high
CurrencyArchadian Lira (ARL)
Date formatdd/mm/yyyy
Driving sideright
Calling code+78

The Federal Kingdom of Archadia is a sovereign nation located in South Amerigonna. It neighbors Concordia and the Soryu to the north, and the Guadosalam Federation to the south.

Initially occupied by Native Altans and Meyans, Archadia would be the first to be inhabited by Europans following its discovery in 1415 by the Galbadians. In 1423, the Europan nation of Rumania would send its own expedition under Amerigo Pignotti. However, this caused a rift between the states of Rumania and Galbadia, hence the Galbadians and Rumanians signed the Treaty of Lecusi, where the Galbadians took the part of North Amerigonna, while the Rumanians kept their share in South Amerigonna. The first administrative government was established in 20 June 1423. In 1443, the Rumanian government granted the right of self-governance to its colonies in South Amerigonna following the crisis that plagued Rumania's economy. Hence, Archadia became independent. On the other hand, its southernmost colony, Guadosalam Colony remained under Rumanian control and would not see independence until in the 16th Century.

From that point, the rule of Archadia passed over to King Charles I, the brother of the Rumanian Monarch, Henry II. The new Archadian state would expand beyond its borders, marking its modern borders by 1475. The first Archadian Consitution was created in 1591, becoming the first nation outside of Europa to create its own laws. From this, a period of modernisation flourished throughout Archadia. It became the first nation outside of Europa to become modernised during that time. Immigration would also flourish during that period, making Archadia to be the first nation outside of Europa to be visited and settled by Europan immigrants. In 1601, Rumania fell into anarchy with the Papal States fleeing to the safety of Rumania, where the New Papal States was created.

During the Middle Ages to the 18th Century, Archadia became a loose collection of independent states. It also became a ground of foreign meddling as many Europan states, including the Holy Galbadian Empire, the Autocratic East Europan Imperial Alliance, and the Atlantic Federation were interested in establishing their influence on Archadia. This resulted in various groups eyeing for supremacy over the entire Archadian landscape. However, it was not until in 1815, when Archadia united into a single united country and became the Kingdom of Archadia. Later on, Archadia would rapidly rise to industrialisation and create a colonial empire. Following the First Europan War, Archadia fell into a period of turmoil, which led to the rise of a Fascist dictatorship in 1922. Archadia would side with the Imperials during the Second Europan War again but would once again fall into a humiliating treaty, which had most Fascist councils oust their dictator and enter in with their first elections. Archadia would once again go into war during the War of Lorican Aggression, which saw Archadia be defeated again. With the rise of the Archadian Resistance, the Fascist rule ended in 1995 following the Sanguinoso Colpo, entered into a period of democracy and enjoying an economic boom for the first time.

Today, Archadia is the most advanced nation in South Amerigonna with the 15th largest economy. It ranks high in happiness and quality of life. Archadia also possesses the 4th best healthcare in Amerigonna. It is a member of the International Red Cross Association.






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