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Boratstans, full name United Socialist Republics of Boratstans is a country in Telrova in western middle of Elisia. Its capital city is Almaty. It is landlocked and its neighbours are (Unclaimed land). It has 7 official languages (shown bellow).

Populaion- 76.1 Milion, Data-2025 /
Population Density- Estimated 67,5 per km² /
Ethnicities: There are 7 ethnicities: Kazach,Uzbek(i),Kyrgyz,Tajik(i), Kaspian and Aral'sk

Land Information:
Land area- 1,127,283km KM²
Major Biome- Steppe / Hot Plains
Highest Point- Qullai = 7 495 m / Tajik(istan) Republic

Divide of Land:
Upper divide=Republics
Kazach(stan) Republic
Uzbek(istan) Republic
Turkmeni(stan) Republic
Kyrgyz(stan) Republic
Tajik(istan) Republic

These have most of power like the Republics, with some expections:
Kaspian Autonomnous Region
Aral'ski Autonomnous Region

TLD Code: .br
Calling code: +44

The Almaty Pact: