CRS Wagemut

CRS Wagemut
CRS Wagemut in September 2004, arriving in Rokesborg, Crethia
MascyllaFlag.pngCrowned Republic of Mascylla
Name: Wagemut
Awarded: 26 May 1961
Builder: Flussmund Marineschiffshafen
Cost: Ӄ120.5 million
Laid down: 5 August 1962
Launched: 11 November 1964
Acquired: 18 April 1965
Commissioned: 23 May 1965
Decommissioned: 16 October 2005
Homeport: Flussmund
Motto: "Um die Meere zu überschreiten" ("To Cross The Seas")
Nickname(s): Königsreh, Krone der Meere
Fate: Permanently docked on 9 February 2007
General characteristics
Class and type: Königreich-class aircraft carrier
  • 61,981 short tons (56,228 t) light
  • 82,538 short tons (74,877 t) full load
  • 20,557 short tons (18,649 t) dead
  • 1,088 ft (332 m) overall
  • 990 ft (300 m) waterline
  • 282 ft (86 m) extreme
  • 130 ft (40 m) waterline
Draft: 39 ft (12 m)
Propulsion: eight boilers, four steam turbine engines, totaling 280,000 shp (210 MW)
Speed: 34 knots (63 km/h; 39 mph)
Complement: 3,150 – Air Wing: 2,480
  • 2 × Blue Fire missile launchers
  • 3 × 20 mm Tetroan CWIS guns,
  • Formerly: Sparkrain surface-to-air missile systems.
Aircraft carried: 72 (approx)

CRS Wagemut (FT-1), the only Königreich-class supercarrier, was the first and last aircraft carrier of the Marine ever built and commissioned. The largest flagship and one of the fastest ships in the Marine, she resembled the pinnacle of Mascyllary engineering and military technology, making up the backbone of Mascylla's maritime interests throughout its use. She was nicknamed "Krone der Meere" by her crew and officially as "Königsreh" after Mascylla's capital and national animal.

The contract to build Wagemut was awarded to the Flussmund Marineschiffshafen, Flussmund, on 26 May 1961, and her keel was laid down on 5 August 1962 at the Flussmund Marinedock. She was blessed and launched on 11 November 1964, with the presence of an enourmous public crowd and press attention. Wagemut was delivered to the Marine on 18 April 1965, and commissioned on 23 May 1965, with Admiral Alexander L. Luderdorff in command. At that time, she was the most expensive project of the Marine, costing Ӄ120.5 million.

Wagemut was supposed to be the first in a new class of aircraft carriers, but due to financial expense and political relations easing, she remained the only Mascyllary aircraft carrier in service, despite construction of two sister ships, the CRS Wilhelm Stenreck and the CRS Aurora having already begun in 1965. After 40 years in service, Wagemut was permanently docked to Flussmund Marinedock and since then functions as a memorial and museum.