National symbols of Mascylla

The national symbols of Mascylla are the symbols that are used in Mascylla to represent the nation, its flora and fauna, culture, heritage and history. While the Mascyllary government has defined a set of official national symbols enshrined in its Constitution, the country also features a number of imagery, symbols and icons recognizable as of Mascyllary representation.

Official symbols

Symbol Image Notes
National flag Flag of Mascylla New flag of Mascylla.png Represents the nation's sovereignty, monarchy and its people's identity
Coat of arms Coat of arms of Mascylla MascyllaCoA.png Same symbolism as the national flag
National anthem Geeint in Blut und Schwur Geeint in Blut und Schwur notes 1793.jpg
Instrumental and abridged version of Geeint in Blut und Schwur
Official anthem of the government, the country and its people
National motto "Hier stehen Wir" Meaning "Ours are the Woods", it refers to the nationalistic and patriotic understanding of Mascyllary bravery, perseverance and determination.
National personification Mascane Peter Paul Rubens - Marie de Medicis as Bellona2.jpg National personification of Mascylla and its unification in the War of the Five Kings, allegoric figure of its government, democracy and foundation

Unofficial symbols

Symbol Image Notes
National animal Red deer Caspian Red Deer (Maral) in Arasbaran forest.jpg Symbol of prosperity, femality, purity, pride and courage. Shown on the national currency and stamps
National tree Oak Alte Eiche, Weidfelder bei Gersbach und an der Wehra 1.jpg Symbol of family strength, tradition, faith, and endurance. Shown on money, rank insignia and official heraldry
National flower Cornflower Cornflower Blue.jpg Widely accepted symbol of purity and innocence