Cabinet of Soravia

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Cabinet of Soravia
Соравійська національна рада
Zoraviys'ka natsional'na rada
("Soravian National Council")
Coat of Arms of Narozalica.png
National coat of arms of the Soravian Republic
Cabinet overview
FormedJune 17, 1771 (1771-06-17)
(first instance)
April 19, 1983 (1983-04-19)
JurisdictionGovernment of Soravia
HeadquartersSamistopol, Soravia
Employees13 ministers
Ministers responsible

The Cabinet of Soravia (Soravian: Соравійська національна рада; Zoraviys'ka natsional'na rada, lit. "Soravian National Council") is, together with the President of Soravia, the executive branch of the Government of Soravia. It is headed by the Minister-President of Soravia, currently Nicolai Karpenko, and consists of the head-of-government, the deputy head of government (First Deputy), and the eleven heads of Soravia's main governmental ministries.


Minister-Presidents' cabinets in Soravia have been formed for hundreds of years, dating back to Wenceslaus von Alzen's initial Privy Council, which historians have likened to a cabinet, in 1771.

The modern cabinet and its role were outlined and established in the 1983 Soravian constitution, naming the fourteen offices and the twelve ministries that would always be present in the cabinet of a Minister-President that wished to form government, the ministries and offices, unchanged since 1983, are:

  1. The Minister-President (head of government)
  2. First Deputy (deputy head of government)
  3. Minister of Agriculture
  4. Minister of Culture
  5. Minister of Defence
  6. Minister of the Economy
  7. Minister of Education
  8. Minister of the Environment, Ecology and Resources
  9. Minister of Foreign Affairs
  10. Minister of Infrastructure
  11. Minister of the Interior (also serves an advisory role to the executives)
  12. Minister of Health
  13. Minister of Justice
  14. Minister of Transport

Since 1983, the cabinet has only ever consisted of members of the Patriots' Front or political independents nominated by the party to serve in the cabinet.


The Constitution of Soravia outlines numerous policies whose responsibility it is for the cabinet and Minister-President to agree on, these include:

  • Annual state budgets
  • State policy on social matters, including education and healthcare
  • Promotion of Soravian values
  • Correct and proper execution, maintenance and promotion of democratic values within the country

In addition to these constitutionally-defined responsibilities, cabinet members are also subject to scrutiny and responsibility to the state legislature, mainly the Duma, common in semi-presidential systems, despite the cabinet members not being representatives within the state legislature. The cabinet is responsible as a whole to the legislature and nominally responsible to the president. Minister-Presidents submit cabinet compositions to the president, who subsequently approves and appoints the relevant ministers.

Current cabinet


Cabinet ministers
Coat of Arms of Narozalica.png
51st cabinet of Soravia
Portrait Ministry Incumbent Province Minister since Party
Chief Executives
Vladimir Putin-2.jpg Minister-President of Soravia
Head of the Soravian Government
Nicolai Karpenko Lushkina May 9, 2020 Patriots' Front
Valery Gartung 2018-04-03 (cropped).jpg First Deputy
Deputy head-of-government
Solarian Pavlenko Myrutyn May 9, 2020 Patriots' Front
Lev Kuznetsov 2014.jpg Minister of Agriculture Svyatoslav Moroz Kriklivets May 9, 2020 Independent
(PF nominated)
Alexander Beglov 1.jpg Minister of Culture Oleksandr Kovalov Samistopol May 9, 2020 Patriots' Front
Adilbek Dzhaksybekov (2013).jpg Minister of Defence Artem Ilyumzhinov Zalykia October 19, 2020 Patriots' Front
Betin O.jpg Minister of the Economy Lyubomyr Tytarenko Samistopol May 9, 2020 Patriots' Front
Горячева Светлана Петровна.jpg Minister of Education Alina Doroshenka Shumsk May 9, 2020 Patriots' Front
Vladimir Konstantinov, 2016.jpg Minister of the Environment,
Ecology and Resources
Eduard Palamarchuk Pavatria January 5, 2021 Independent
(PF nominated)
Sergey Lavrov 17.03.2010.jpeg Minister of Foreign Affairs Illarion Belovol Terekhivka May 9, 2020 Patriots' Front
Mikhail Fradkov (2016-08-08).jpg Minister of Infrastructure Denys Kovalenko Lushkina May 9, 2020 Patriots' Front
Tatyana Golikova (2018-05-26).jpg Minister of the Interior Marta Maksymenka Terekhivka May 9, 2020 Patriots' Front
Irina Yarovaya 2018-11-01.jpg Minister of Health Nina Borisova Terekhivka July 22, 2020 Patriots' Front
Ivica Dacic 2013.jpg Minister of Justice Dimitri Dubrinsky Samistopol May 9, 2020 Patriots' Front
Епифанова О.Н.jpg Minister of Transport Tatiana Sokolova Rykovychi May 9, 2020 Patriots' Front

Opinion polling

Polling firm Poll date Sample
Approve Disapprove No opinion Net
Pekrovo Online 19–25 May 2020 12,000 62% 29% 9% 32%
Pekrovo Online 27–31 May 2020 7,132 57% 31% 12% 26% 10–20 June 2020 27,129 58% 35% 7% 23%
Lipa Daily 1–8 October 2020 16,000 60% 26% 14% 34% 10–18 November 2020 13,188 49% 41% 10% 8%
Lipa Daily 11–17 December 2020 22,000 54% 21% 25% 33%
Lipa Daily 1–10 January 2021 6,917 51% 31% 18% 20%

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