Cabinet of the Mongol Uls

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Toka Cabinet
Golden Horde flag 1339.svg
3rd Cabinet of the Mongol Uls
Date formed28 December 2023
Head of governmentSherig Toka (acting)
Deputy head of governmentBatu Ganbat
Sherig Toka
Member partyGreater Mongolia Movement
Central Asian People's Party
Status in legislatureMinority
Opposition partyUniting Mongolia
Gurkani Clerical Alliance
Kok Bayraq
PredecessorOrda Cabinet

The Cabinet of the Mongol Uls is the executive branch of the government of the Mongol Uls, responsible to the Kurultai. Tasked with the implementation of govenment policy, the Cabinet oversees the day-to-day affairs of the Khanate, manages foreign policy, and proposes an annual budget to the Kurultai. The third and incumbent cabinet is the caretaker Toka Cabinet, a minority demissionary cabinet led by Acting Prime Minister Sherig Toka and composed of the Greater Mongolia Movement and Central Asian People's Party, with external support from the Islamic Modernist Party and the Gangs Seng Ge (Tibetan People's Party).


The Cabinet must maintain the majority support of the Kurultai for confidence and supply votes; however, a single party has never won enough seats to govern alone, so all cabinets have been coalition governments with other parties providing additional external support. Forming a majority in the Kurultai is especially hard due to the fact that slightly less than a third of the Kurultai seats are held by nonpartisan Clan Chieftains, who by custom abstain on investiture, confidence, and supply votes. As investiture votes require an absolute (51 vote) majority, abstentions count as de facto "no" votes, meaning that Prime Ministers wishing to be invested must secure the support of more than three-quarters of those voting. While attempts have been made to change this law, such proposals have been voted down by minority parties, who rely on their kingmaker status in investiture votes in order to secure concessions for their constituents.


Position Since Name Picture Party
Acting Prime Minister
Second Deputy Prime Minister
Minister of Minority Affairs
December 28, 2023 Sherig Toka Baig Sherig Toka.jpeg CAPP
First Deputy Prime Minister
Minister of Foreign Affairs
July 22, 2022 Batu Ganbat Baig Batu Ganbat.jpeg DMN
Minister of Defense
Minister of the Interior
July 22, 2022 Origiyn Batu Origiyn Batu.png DMN
Minister of Finance
Minister of the Economy
July 22, 2022 Jambal Tuul Baig Jambal Nomin.jpeg DMN
Minister of Education and Culture
Minister of Health
July 22, 2022 Rebiya Nur Rebiya Nur.jpeg CAPP
Minister of Justice
Minister of Labour and Social Affairs
July 22, 2022 Gonji Lkhagvyn Maral Lkhagvyn Maral.png DMN
Khalifa of Gurkaniyan
Minister for Gurkaniyan
Ex officio
N/A Rashid Markhayev Baig Rashid Markhayev.jpeg GRI
Commander of the Second Golden Horde
Minister for the Second Golden Horde
Ex officio
N/A Dayanniin Khusei Noyan Dayanniin Khusei.jpeg DMN
Baskan of Kharkorin
Minister for Kharkorin
Ex officio
N/A Ulusboludiin Mandukhai Baskan Ulusboludiin Mandukhai.jpeg DMN
Minister without portfolio
(not attending cabinet)
December 28, 2023 Bataariin Orda Baig Bataariin Orda.jpeg Independent