Bataariin Orda

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Bataariin Orda
Bataariin Orda.jpeg
Prime Minister of the Mongol Uls
In office
22 July, 2022 – 28 December, 2023
Preceded byJambal Tuul
Succeeded bySherig Toka
President of the Mongolian Republic
In office
10 August 2006 – 10 August 2010
Preceded byNatsagiin Bagabandi
Succeeded byJambal Tuul
Personal details
Born (1951-07-09) July 9, 1951 (age 73)
Ulan Bator, Mongolian People's Republic

Bataariin Orda Baig is a Mongol politician who served as the Prime Minister of the Mongol Uls from 2022 to 2023, having previously served as the President of the Mongolian Republic from 2006 to 2010.


Born to a peasant family in the then-communist Mongolian People's Republic, Orda was one of the founders of the Greater Mongolia Movement and a participant in the peaceful revolution against the MPR. After going into politics, Orda served several terms as a member of the Great State Khural (the legislature of the Mongolian Republic) before successfully contesting the presidency and resigning from the GMM. After serving a single term as president, he stepped down from that office and went into retirement, occasionally commenting on Mongol politics until the proclamation of the Khanate, after which he was asked by the GMM to come out of retirement and lead a GMM-Central Asian People's Party coalition government as Prime Minister. He resigned from his position after the constitutional changes he had championed were rejected in the 2023 Mongol Constitutional Referendum, being succeeded in a demissionary capacity by his Deputy Prime Minister, Sherig Toka. After resigning, he announced his retirement from politics.

Political views

As a self-proclaimed progressive and leftist, Orda has advocated for state ownership of many key industries, as well as LGBTQ rights and the promotion of women. He was noted for having refused to serve as Prime Minister unless a second female minister was appointed, a demand to which the CAPP acquiesced, proposing that its member Rebiya Nur serve as Minister of Education and Culture.