Principality of Cavalerland

Aþuraix Kierrasia (Cavalerish)
Flag of Cavalerland
and largest city
Official languagesCavalerish
Recognised national languagesHigh Alemannic
Ethnic groups
Cavalers (82%), Alemannics (8%), Vynhozians (6%), others (4%)
Princesses' Faith (71%), Deism (23%), Alydianism (3%), others (2%)
GovernmentDiarchic Constitutional Monarchy
• Solar Princess
• Lunar Princess
Sinþeia Atar
LegislatureNational Diet
• Tribal Unification
652 CE
• Principality Established
708 CE
• Estimate
15.21 million
CurrencyCavaler Alura (Ā)
Time zoneUTC+2.5 (AT)
• Summer (DST)
UTC+3.5 (AS&ST)
Date formatyyyy/mm/dd
Driving sideleft
Calling code+63
Internet TLD.kier

Cavalerland, officially the Principality of Cavalerland (Cavalerish: Aþüraich Kierrasia), is a constitutional monarchy in eastern Alemannia. It contains an estimated population of 15.21 million. Its capitol and largest city is Arunshia. It is a relatively flat country, with a cool and wet climate typical of north-eastern Asura. Small mountains dot the country. With the largest of them - Aklaraß - in the Arunshia Shire. It is landlocked by Tudonia and Mascylla to the west and north, Vynhozia to the east, and Chokashia to the south. Other large cities outside of the Arünshia Shire include Licëshia, Sajuna, Oatisa, and Natashia.

The Cavalers have inhabited parts of eastern Alemannia since classical antiquity. With various related communities drawing to before the common era. During this time and leading up to the 7th century, the Cavalers interacted with their neighbors. With a portion of Cavaler descent in many Alemannics and Sclavonics in neighboring countries. In middle of the 7th century, the Cavaler tribes were unified. Two Cavaler sisters - Lili and Otta - lead a medieval army to conquer much of modern day Cavalerland, and some of Alemannia.

Entering into the 20th century, Cavalerland increased contact with the outside world massively. This already huge reform increased with intensity during the Second Great War, in which Aeian Socialist Union (ASU) forces invaded the Principality. Leading to Cavalerland joining with the Grand Alliance and following through the war. Avoiding occupation by the Communist threat.

In the 21st century; Cavalerland is a developed country. With a diverse and stable service economy, intervened in strongly by the Cavaler state. With numerous state-owned - And/or crown-owned - companies playing large roles in the economy. Cavalerland is usually categorized as a constitutional monarchy. Although it should be noted that, unlike most other modern Monarchies, the Cavaler state lacks any recognizable democratic institutions. Instead, all political power rests in appointed institutions and the Princesses.



Cavalerland has a market economy. However, unlike the majority of its neighbors, the Cavalerish state practices strong intervention. Both in the form of regulations and state-owned - And/or Crown owned - companies. Numerous sectors, those considered vital by the Government, are completely nationalized. Disallowing any form of private competition. These sectors include, but are not limited to: education, transportation (excluding automobiles), energy, healthcare. With state-owned or state-funded firms playing a part of numerous other sectors. Alongside the state and private corporations, there is a strong presence of organized workers. Both in the form of Trade Unions and Worker-managed Cooperatives.


Cavalerland is one of the three Aeian countries composed primarily by Old Asurans. A collection of disparate, mostly unrelated peoples that lived in Asura before the Proto-Cataisurans and the Liiduro-Nausikaan peoples. Due to this, many cultural features of the Cavalers are rather divergent from their neighbors.