Civil Transition War

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Civil Transition War
DateJuly 23rd, 2018 - September 13th, 2019

Anti-Poverty Forces Victory

  • Dissolution of the Republic Of Makko Oko
  • Empire Of Makko Oko formed
Republic Of Makko Oko Makko Oko Anti-Poverty Forces
Casualties and losses
Republic Of Makko Oko Soldiers: 100 Million+

The Civil Transition War (July 23rd, 2018 - September 13th, 2019) was a war that was fought in the former Republic Of Makko Oko. As a result of a combination of the high level of poverty striking the nation at the time, the constant military presence due to martial law that was declared throughout the nation only a week before the war started, and the military soldiers becoming the defacto police force, war broke out on July 23rd, 2018, with everybody fighting the soldiers within each and every city. Some, including military veterans, stayed loyal to the Republic Of Makko Oko, while the majority of everybody else, formed a militant revolutionary group named the "Anti-Poverty Forces".


Before the start of the Civil Transition War, life was not well in the nation. Poverty was increasing in the triple digits on a daily basis, inflation was skyrocketing to levels never before seen and the government lacked funds and stability to actively help people through services like welfare and maintenance. In these times, the nation was democratic, free and open, which is nothing like today, but today, poverty is non-existent.

It all started in mid-2018 when Army General Harold Copenhagen was appointed as the Vice Commander Of The Makko Okoan Armed Forces by former President Harold Zenonis. The announcement of this instatement was blasted everywhere as if it was propaganda. No government was perfect, but in the democratic Makko Oko, it was even worse so. The moment Harold Copenhagen was instated as Vice Commander, he convinced the former President Harold Zenonis to take money out of the people's welfare budget and put it into the military's salary, boosting it by 120%. This angered everybody, and only made the poor even poorer. This was one of the leading reasons for the Eleshull Riot Of 2018, which is merely forgotten by the populace in present times.

The Eleshull Riot Of 2018 occurred because of the cut welfare budget, the lack of access to public services, the rising inflation, among other issues including some of them being law enforcement and law related. Gambling was banned, the industry was not state-assisted in the slightest and law enforcement also lacked in numbers leading to the highest crime rates. The people, over 260,000, were originally protesting until a police officer told them to leave, but without any backup or SWAT teams, was just stabbed by an unknown individual, which led to some people being scared of a murder conviction and wondering who did it, which then turned into a riot.

A riot by infighting of the protestors, which then spilled off into the city and with no SWAT teams actively being employed within the nation due to high unemployment rates, the military had to be called in, and a whopping 35-45 people died in the riot. It took until the next day after the riot had started for it to be suppressed, and then the military was guarding that city, along with many others in the nation, until further notice.

The Beginning

After the Eleshull Riot Of 2018 was suppressed, and after a week of constant military presence, essentially being martial law without martial law being officially declared, in addition to the military assisting law enforcement by becoming the police, the people had decided they had sat through enough, especially after reading of the joys of foreign nations and not being able to afford plane tickets, only the rich fleeing in droves, not even criminals could attain enough to do so. People from all walks of life, from all cities, started to fight the soldiers in their hometowns, and this caused an official declaration of martial law and a state of emergency, which had never previously been used.

The war had not officially started until a shot was fired towards the capital in the old capital city of Joria, killing the wife of the President, Gloria Zenonis. This led to an official declaration of a civil war by the former and now-widowed President.

Causes Of The War

The war was mainly caused due to an extreme cost of living and purchasing power crisis, with the people being further angered over the deployment of martial law across the nation. Corruption in the government is also said to be a factor.

The End

The war officially ended on September 13th, 2019 at the former capital of the Republic in Joria, Makko Oko. That day, The government and the President themselves, knew that the end was near for the Republic, and that the rebels had won, exhausting almost all of their resources, and facing ever-growing amounts of assassinations and anti-government sentiment from drafted soldiers. The President had agreed to surrender and it had occurred rather quickly, with the original plan by the Anti-Poverty Forces to kill the President and declare victory, however, the President was already sitting out at the front gates, waiting for their oncoming and expected arrival.

The President, upon seeing them, dismissed their security guards to go inside the capital, and the APF convoy had stopped in front of the President, with the Lieutenant General, Conall Solis, stepping out. They had a frank conversation, with his sidearm pointed at him during the entire affair. Nobody knows what was said, but 3 minutes later, everybody went inside of the capital to talk, with only the highest-ranking leaders of the APF going in, Conall being one of them, earning his way up the ranks, slowly.

Later, at 7:00 PM, the President ordered all soldiers to stand down and surrender their weapons, with a national address to the nation by soon-to-be Emperor Conall Solis being broadcasted at 9:00 PM on all TV's and radio's in the nation announcing the official end of the war and a win for the Anti-Poverty Forces.


After the war, the old government in the Republic Of Makko Oko, including the members of Parliament, went into exile, with any and all references to the Republic removed from everything. Additionally, the Empire Of Makko Oko was established, along with a dictatorship. The economy did significantly better than before the war and continues to do so today.

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