Government of Makko Oko

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His Emperor's Government
Makuri: Kaysh Emperor's Government
HE Government Logo.png
Founding documentThe Basic Rights Of Makko Oko
Country Makko Oko
Legislative Branch
LegislatureThe Emperor's Law Council
Meeting placeOpposh, Makko Oko
Executive Branch
EmperorConall Solis
HeadquartersEmperor's Imperial Palace, Opposh, Makko Oko
Main organCabinet of Makko Oko
Departments10 ministerial departments, 1 non-ministerial department

The Government of the Empire Of Makko Oko, commonly referred to as His Emperor's Government, or the Emperor's Government, is the central executive authority of the Empire Of Makko Oko. The government is led by the Emperor (currently Conall Solis, since September 13th, 2019) who appoints all the other ministers.


The Empire Of Makko Oko is a unitary authoritarian socialist nation in which the Emperor, which is decided via written constitutional processes, hold unlimited power over government and national affairs. All political decisions are taken by the government solely, with much of their approval being committed by the Emperor.

HE Government's History

HE Government is a branding style to easily refer to, and represent, the Makko Okoan Government, and is also used to refer to the Makko Okoan Government specifically when relating to foreign governments. The branding and naming style of HE Government and His/Her Emperor's/Empress's Government, was officially created and approved by the Government Standards Administration on September 7th, 2022, the same day as the enactment of the Imperial Copyright Act and of the inception of the Government Standards Administration. The HE Government branding is a part of the Government Identity System initiative spurred by and enforced by the Imperial Copyright Act

His Emperor's Government & Executive Powers

The Emperor is the head of state, the sovereign, and the head of government. The Emperor is the direct and highest part of the government that exercises the executive power of the state. Due to the one-government policy instated per the Basic Rights Of Makko Oko, His Emperor's Government is the only source of executive power to exist within the nation.

In addition to explicit statutory authority, the Emperor also possesses almost unlimited and unrestricted powers in line with the Constitution. These powers range from the authority to issue or withdraw passports to declarations of war. The Emperor also has the explicit authority to issue Emperor's Orders, with which no other individual in His Emperor's Government may do.

Constitutional powers and/or duties include, but are not limited to, the following:


  • The power to revise the Constitution Of Makko Oko.
  • The power to appoint and dismiss other ministers.
  • The power to assent to laws by giving Emperor's assent to bills passed by the Emperor's Law Council, which is required when a law goes through the council in order for it to become effective (an act). The Emperor also has the power to enact, write and repeal laws separate to that of the Emperor's Law Council.
  • The power to convene, oversee, and end commissions to current and former military soldiers in the Liberation Forces. During periods of martial law, commissions may apply to non-military civilians. In certain circumstances outside of martial law, a civilian may be required to appear before a commission.
  • The power to command the Liberation Forces. This power is typically exercised on the Emperor's behalf by the Minister Of Defense.
  • The power to administrate and manage the House Of Satanism and to appoint and dismiss the Supreme Ruler Of Satanism.
  • The power to issue, suspend, cancel, recall, impound, withdraw or revoke Makko Okoan passports and the general power to provide or deny Makko Okoan passport facilities to Makko Okoan citizens.
  • The power to pardon, modify or issue any conviction, penalty or sentence.
  • The power to grant, cancel and annul any honors.
  • The power to create government corporations by order or an act of law, and to amend, replace and revoke them as such.


  • The power to make and ratify treaties.
  • The power to declare war and conclude peace with other nations.
  • The power to deploy the Liberation Forces overseas.
  • The power to recognize states.
  • The power to credit and receive diplomats.

This list of powers is non-exhaustive, as the Emperor has unlimited and unrestricted power, and in theory, can do anything, and has any power imaginable.

Annual Budget

His Emperor's Government holds a whopping 40% of the nation's GDP, due to the strict autarky and socialist policies enacted by Emperor Conall Solis throughout 2021 and 2022. The annual budget as of 2022 for distribution to government agencies and departments was at SLO$303T.

Ministries & Departments

As of 2027, there are 10 government ministers and ministerial departments supported by over 1,000,000 civil servants and other staff working in the departments and their executive agencies. There's also three additional non-ministerial departments which lacks appointed government ministers and are instead led directly by the Emperor.


The bureaucracy of the government is the largest, most complicated system in the world with over ten law enforcement agencies alone and over twenty agencies with three-four letter acronyms that are not in law enforcement. Some agencies overlap in their missions and it makes police work etc. get wrapped up in red tape. When compared to the Republic, the Empire's government is 200% larger, and yet only 80% more effective.

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