Law Enforcement in Makko Oko

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Law Enforcement in the Empire Of Makko Oko is a system of complete and total control by the national government, with no local security forces existing, besides the offices and headquarters available in many cities. The main police force agency in the nation is the Emperor's Civil Control Service (Acronym: CCS), with a couple other agencies also existing for more specific purposes. All police agencies, excluding certain circumstances, are controlled by the Ministry Of Internal Security. The amount of law enforcement personnel in the nation exceeds 800 million as of 2022.

Scope & Activity Of Makko Okoan Law Enforcement

Law enforcement agencies in Makko Oko have a huge scope in which they may exercise their powers in, with each agency typically having designated scopes, and created in a way where they wont interfere with one another. The below list shows the scopes of each law enforcement agency in the nation:

The Emperor's Civil Control Service

The Emperor's Civil Control Service (Acronym: CCS) is the defacto law enforcement agency in the nation, and has one of the broadest scopes of any law enforcement agency in the nation. The CCS deals with any crimes that do not automatically fall under other law enforcement agencies, and is an agency that works a lot with other agencies within the government. Uniquely, the CCS is the only law enforcement agency to deal with child abuse and sexual assault cases, but other agencies can be brought in if there's a suited need to do so.

The National Security Service

The National Security Service (Acronym: NSS) is one of the oldest law enforcement agencies to still exist in the nation, dating back to the Civil Transition War during the era of the Republic Of Makko Oko. Originally created with the sole purpose of investigating dissidents, mainly being the revolutionaries, with unchecked and unrestricted powers, the NSS is now the nation's state security agency, responsible and charged with defending the national security and sovereignty of the nation. The NSS mainly deals with counterintelligence efforts, vetting government officials that are appointed, and high-level crimes such as treason and sedition.

The Domestic & International Flights Security Service

The Domestic & International Flights Security Service (Acronym: DIFSS) is a uniquely created law enforcement agency that was incepted upon the enactment of the FlySECURE Act. The DIFSS is the only law enforcement agency in the nation to be authorized to police flights, and is also the sole agency to be only authorized to carry out police work on flights and aircraft. The DIFSS provides security to flights coming in or out of the Empire Of Makko Oko, with the DIFSS also assisting with protecting diplomats both foreign and domestic, and important state officials such as the Emperor, in coordination with other law enforcement agencies.

Law Enforcement Authority & Powers

Under the Basic Rights Of Makko Oko, stipulated under Section 7, law enforcement agencies and authorities within the nation shall have the right to "detain any persons on our soil for any amount of time as deemed necessary, pursuing any tactics while under detainment that are legally allowed as deemed needed." and are permitted the right to bear arms, both of which cannot be taken away. Any other rights and powers law enforcement officials have are declared under legislation, as opposed to the Constitution.

Surprisingly, powers of law enforcement agencies in the nation are checked via other agencies and the government's hierarchy, with every law enforcement agency, excluding some special cases, falling under the Ministry Of Internal Security, and the Inspectorate Of The Emperor's Command having the authority to investigate any potential corruption or other illegalities within the government, as ordered and as seen fit.

The Inspectorate Of The Emperor's Command

The Inspectorate Of The Emperor's Command is the defacto and only government oversight agency in the Empire Of Makko Oko, having the authority to arrest, prosecute and investigate any government agency and person as seen fit. While law enforcement agencies in the nation can investigate government officials, they cannot investigate agencies, and also do not hold the same broad powers of oversight that the IEC does, meaning the investigative powers are more limited.

The IEC can obtain anything it needs for an investigation without warrants, and also runs the Inspectorate's Court Of Makko Oko which is technically known as the highest court in the nation, higher than the Supreme Court Of Makko Oko, and typically only hears cases that involve the IEC, such as arrests made by their investigators, and cases that they choose to accept from lower courts. Nobody may override an Inspectorate's Court decision, excluding the possibility of the Emperor themselves.

General Law Enforcement Measures

Law enforcement in the Empire Of Makko Oko may use many measures as seen fit in order to get information out of suspected criminals, these include:

• Waterboarding

• Torture

• Arrest & Detainment Of Family Members & Friends

• Starvation & Dehydration

The practices border on human rights violations, which go mostly ignored within the nation. Most of the worst tactics are only used by intelligence agencies, including the Foreign Intelligence Service and the National Security Service.

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