Education in Makko Oko

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Education in Makko Oko
Ministry Of Education & Propaganda
MinisterMike Bachmeier
National education budget (2022-2023)
BudgetSLO$10 trillion
Per studentSLO$3,000
General details
Primary languagesEnglish and Makuri
System typeNational

The education system in the Empire Of Makko Oko consists of four tiers of education: early primary schools (first school), upper primary schools (second school), secondary schools (third school) and tertiary education (which includes universities and other higher educational institutions). Schooling is mandatory all the way to secondary, with the option to continue to tertiary education.


The education system in Makko Oko is governed directly by the Ministry Of Education & Propaganda. This is not only due to the authoritative nature of the government and the Emperor, but also due to the lack of statehood or provinces that exist within the nation. The entire nation is centrally governed by the one government, the national government, with no local governments or laws permitted, with the exception of the Semi-Autonomous Government of the Phoenix Islands. Even still, only the national government handles education in the Phoenix Islands.


The structure of Makko Okoan education is organized and overseen by the Ministry of Education & Propaganda and is enacted through the national curriculum.

Early Primary School
Age Grade Type
4-5 EP-K compulsory
6–7 EP-1 compulsory
7–8 EP-2 compulsory
8–9 EP-3 compulsory
9–10 EP-4 compulsory
10–11 EP-5 compulsory
11-12 EP-6 compulsory
Upper Primary School
Age Grade Type
12-13 UP-7 compulsory
13-14 UP-8 compulsory
14-15 UP-9 compulsory
Secondary School
Age Grade Type
15-16 SS-10 compulsory
16-17 SS-11 compulsory
17-18 SS-12 compulsory (Optional if reaches age 18 before graduation)

Pre-School & Early Primary School

Pre-school education is defined as any education for a child before the mandatory age of 4, when the child must enroll in an Early Primary School. Pre-school education is not offered by the government or its state schools, nor is it mandatory education for a child. Instead, private pre-school institutions have opened that, for those who can afford it and choose to use it, can make use of.


Upper Primary School

Secondary School

Higher Education

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