Constantine XIX Anicius

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Constantine XIX
King Alexander of Greece.jpg
Latin Emperor
Reign9 June 1934 – 12 April 1945
Coronation25 December 1934
PredecessorJoanna I
SuccessorDiana Augusta
Born(1907-09-08)8 September 1907
Questros Palace, Thessalona, Salonika, Belfras
Died12 April 1945(1945-04-12) (aged 37)
Palatium Purpura, Ascanium
4 July 1948
Imperial Crypt, Castellum ab Alba
Full name
Gaius Anicius Gallus Constantinus Theophylactus Valentinius Honorius Caesar
FatherJohn Anicius, Duke of Beroea
MotherJoanna I
ReligionFabrian Catholic

Constantine XIX (Gaius Anicius Constantinus Theophylactus Valentinius Honorius Caesar; 8 September 1907 – 12 April 1945) was Latin Emperor from 1934 until 1945, and was under the regency of his father until 1928. He was the first Latin monarch to be born outside of Belsiaria since the 17th century, and the first to be born in Norumbia.

At the time of his birth, Constantine was not expected to come into the throne. His mother became heir presumptive following the death of his uncle Emperor Marius IV in a 1928 train accident. He was made "Prince of Youth" upon his mother's ascension.

While able to restore stability initially after his mother's untimely death, the latter part of his reign was plagued with government instability, as no government survived for more than two years until 1941. He was murdered in the Coup of April 1945, which sparked the Social War, and ended with his daughter Diana installed as Empress. His remains were never recovered following the Imperial recapture of Alexandria, though a tomb was placed for him at the Imperial Crypt in Castellum.

Early Life


Social War

Coup of 1945