Princess Zoe, Duchess of Haenna

Princess Zoe
Duchess of Haenna (more)
Princess Zoe, Duchess of Haenna.jpg
Princess Zoe in 1969
Born (1940-04-29) 29 April 1940 (age 80)
Palatium Purpura, Ascanium, Latium
Full name
Flavia Anicia Zoe Iohanna Eusebia Iustina
FatherConstantine XIX
MotherMarie Christine of Épernon

Princess Zoe, Duchess of Haenna, (Flavia Anicia Zoe Theodora Eusebia Iustina; b. 29 April 1940) is the youngest child of Constantine XIX of Latium and Princess Marie Christine of Épernon, and the only surviving sibling of Latin Empress Diana Augusta.

Zoe spent much of her childhood with her great-grandmother, and sister. Her upbringing changed dramatically after the murder of her father and mother during and after the April 12 coup. Zoe's sister became Latin Empress, with Zoe as heir presumptive. During the Social War, Zoe remained at the Palatium Augusti, in Castellum ab Alba, until she was sent to Adrianople, despite suggestions to evacuate Zoe and her sister to Belfras.

During the war, Zoe first met her future husband, Constantine Tarpeius, 2nd Duke of Haenna. They eventually married in 1960, despite desires for Zoe to marry a member of foreign nobility. The couple had five children, all daughters: Fausta, Maria, Rhea, Alexandra, and Silvia. Zoe's daughter Maria would eventually become Latium's first female Consul in 2014.

Early life and education


Personal Life

Titles, styles, honors and arms

  • 29 April 1940 – 30 September 1971: Her Imperial Highness The Princess Zoe
  • 30 September 1971 – 28 June 2016: Her Imperial Highness The Duchess of Haenna
  • 28 June 2016 – present: Her Imperial Highness The Dowager Duchess of Haenna


  •  Latium: Dame of the Ancient Equestrian Order St.AlexanderOrder-ribbon.svg
  •  Latium: Dame of the Sacred Order of Golden Eagle AquilaRomana0.png
  •  Latium: Knight of the Order of the Winged Ram Red ribbon bar - general use.svg


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Princess Zoe, Duchess of Haenna
Born: 29 April 1940
Lines of succession
Preceded by
Princess Stephanié of Courçon
Succession to the Latin throne
19th in line
Followed by
The Queen of Burgoy