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Concordance of Cynereth

Patheas Caistusaes Cynerethes
Flag of the Concordance
Crest of the Concordance of Cynereth
Crest of the Concordance
Motto: "Vaeranis la Arrin nir Theas Rukkas"
("Eternal Hope Rests in Lady Rukka")
Anthem: "Patheas Tanneas"

Royal anthem"Aunurai Thes Braedas"
Map of the Concordance
Map of the Concordance of Cynereth in Northern Belisaria
CapitalLaeleath, Seam Lethes
Largest cityRemirah, Seam Saellian
Official languagesCyneric
Recognised national languagesEnglish
Recognised regional languagesCaenari
Demonym(s)Cynerethan (Noun), Cynerethic (Adjective)
GovernmentTheocratic Monarchy with Limited Local Democracy
Selania III
Crixan M. Suva
LegislatureThe Naellath
• The Early Cyneric Tribes
2600 BCE - 105 CE
• The Rise of Anaryssia
105 CE - 920 CE
• Tamsen of Bataan and the Conquest
920 - 956 CE
• The Forging of the Concordance
934 - 1245 CE
• The Invasion of Ostmark and the Northern Crusades
1245 - 1350 CE
• Isolation and the Gray Horror
1350 - 1880 CE
• The Wars of Subjugation
1880 - Present
• The Great Realignment
2012 CE - Present
• 2019 estimate
• 2015 census
GDP (PPP)estimate
• Total
$1.643 Trillion USD
• Per capita
GDP (nominal)estimate
• Total
$1.712 Trillion USD
• Per capita
CurrencyCynerethic Vaedril (Ʋ)
Driving sideright

Cynereth (/sin ā reTH/), officially the Concordance of Cynereth (Cyneric: Patheas Caistusaes Cynerethes) or alternatively known as the Anaryssian Realm is a theocratic monarchy in Northern Belisaria, with Laeleath its capital and Remirah its largest city. It borders the Boreios Sea to the north and east, Liothidia to the south and the nations of Ostmark and Ottonia to the west. Much of the country's geography is dominated by the vast Cauzen Mountain Range, which largely forms the natural border between the Concordance and its western neighbors. The country is considered the spiritual birthplace and main hub of the Anaryssian faith. The current ruler, referred to as the Aunura, is Selania III Selenn, in her seventh year on the throne.

Archaeological records indicate that humans first migrated into the area during the Chalcolithic, but organized pseudo-states would not form until the late-Bronze Age. Networks of game trails into the hills afforded hunter-gatherers a robust, resource-laden region to exploit; farming was slower to develop owing to the local geography and resulting variables in climate and weather. Small tribes and various city-states would compete amongst each other for natural resources until the 10th Century CE, when the chieftainess Tamsen of Hannaria began uniting the area's population during the Tamsenic Conquest beginning in 920 CE. Her efforts would lead to the organization of the Concordance as a sovereign power and to the codification of the Anaryssian religion as the driving influence in the nation's cultural and political affairs for the next millennium.

The Concordance is considered a Quarantined State by outside observers, owing to the country's strict policies on emigration and immigration and its active policy of armed neutrality and geopolitical isolationism. However, industrious Clan leaders in the major metropolitan areas have become de facto plenipotentiaries for the state in economic affairs. Living conditions have been slowly improving in Cynereth over the last forty years, but continue to lag behind its neighbors. Reports of human rights abuses are difficult to substantiate due to the country's state censorship of the news media. The country has no formal diplomatic ties with any nations, though it does host invited delegates at the Court of Valsia. Despite its geopolitical isolation, the Concordance is considered a moderate military power in Belisaria, with the country strongly rumored to possess both biological, chemical and nuclear weapons in its strategic arsenal.

In July 2019, the insurrectionist Colsil Voyd front staged a attack on an expedition of researchers and scholars studying ancient ruins in the Cailor Mountains in western Cynereth. The resulting government cover-up led to a significant geopolitical crisis, greatly-destabilizing the government in Laeleath and prompting multiple economically-depressed regions in the south to align with Caenaran and Illewei insurrectionists in forming a new populist front against Laeleath and the government of the Concordance. These actions would ultimately trigger the start of the destructive War of Manumission, also referred to as the Caenaran Uprising in the north, the War of Anaryssian Oppression in the south, and the Cynerethic Civil War regionally.