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Dévnostraéva in the Aoraqet'yari (Auracexian) language means Prime Archon (dévno prime, first, great, major; straéva archon, ruler, sovereign) , and is the title of the empress of the Ascendant Syndicated Hegemony of Auracexia. Through Selene Dévnostraéva since her arrival on Earth, the title has been erroneously misapplied as that of being her last name, maybe in some fashion with it having a similar sound to her actual last name, Ravÿnna-Asträeva. Eventually with Selene herself adopting it as an informal last name of sorts through the years while presiding over the Californian Empire first as the president and later as empress of the nation. Unofficially, various members of the Ravÿnna-Asträeva Imperial Dynasty have used the title as an informal last name,

Notable Individuals

Members of the Ravyn'na-A'stra'eva Imperial Dynasty of which have used the title Dévnostraéva as their informal last name.

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