Kingdom of Damat

Vương Quốc Đỏ Mằt
Flag of Damat
Coat of arms
and largest city
Song Nam
Official languagesDamati
Recognised national languagesBakoi
Recognised regional languagesSiamati
• King
Trần Đăng Khương
• Prime Minister
Phan Huy Hoàng
• 2018 estimate

Damat (Damati: Đỏ Mằt), officially the Kingdom of Damat (Damati: Vương Quốc Đỏ Mằt) is a country located in southern Coius. Damat is bordered to the west by Songguo and to the north and east by Negara. Siamat also borders Damat to the east, however, disputes over the Siamati territory are still occurring. Damat is the third biggest nation in Couis (after Songguo and Negara, respectively), comprising an area of IDKYAY square kilometers with a population of 210,147,125 as of 2018 census. The biggest city of Damat is the capital Song Nam, located in the southern region of the country. Other important cities are Ha Tum, Kamsok, and Sa Phu.

Damat is composed by several different ethnic groups, with the Damati people being the vast majority. Other important ethnic groups found in Damat are the Bakoi, the Kolk, and the Siamati peoples. Another important Damatian minorities are the Pyumi people, located in the northern region of Damat, and the Rygyali and Canto peoples located in the western border with Songguo.