Dulebian Civil War

Dulebian Civil War
Part of the aftermath of the Continental War and the Dulebian Revolution
Clockwise from top:
Red Army soldiers and an armoured car attack Royalist positions in Ulich, 1914; a White infantry division in 1915; Cavalry of the Preobrazhenskiy Regiment; Viktor Schyukin (left) Gen. Lavrentiy Konev (centre) and Ataman Taras Konoplya in 1916; hanging of workers in Aleksandrovsk (Vishnevsk) by the Tudonian army, April 1917.
Date15 February 1914 – 5 January 1918
Former Dulebian Empire, Lesinia
Result Victory for the Red Army in Dulebia
Victory for Tudonia in Dulebian Lesinia

 Dulebian Federative Socialist Republic

Flag1.png Preobrazhenskiy Regiments (1916-1917)

Insurrectionary army of Gorlovets

White Movement

Other new republics
Balkaro-Mursk Republic (1917-1918)

N-led intervention (1917-1918)

Commanders and leaders
Dulebian Federative Socialist Republic Viktor Schyukin
Dulebian Federative Socialist Republic Lavrentiy Konev
Taras Konoplya
Flag1.png Pyotr Preobrazhenskiy
Simon Agap
WhiteMovementDulebiaFlag.png Mikhail Bakunin
WhiteMovementDulebiaFlag.png Ilya Schors
Getman Radchenko
Valeriy Kislov

Red Army: 2,992,678 (peak)

Black Army: 159,900 (peak)
White Army: 1,652,891
Casualties and losses

The Dulebian Civil War (Гражда́нская война́ в Дулебии, Grazhdanskaya voyna v Dulebii; 15 February 1914 – 5 January 1918) was a multi-party civil war in the former Dulebian Empire immediately after the Great Dulebian January Revolution, as many factions vied to determine Dulebia's political future. The two major combatant groups were the Dulebian Red Army, fighting for socialism led by Viktor Schyukin, and the allied forces known as the White Army, which included diverse interests favouring political monarchism, anarchism and alternative forms of socialism.


Continental war

January Revolution and February uprising

Formation of the Red Army

Uprising of the Karsk Fleet

Geography and chronology


Southern front of the Continental war

Peace with the Grand Alliance

First part (1914-1916)

Balkarsk Republic (1914)

Anarchist movements in Northern Dulebia

The Preobrazhenskiy regiments

Western Front and the First Siege of Spassovsk

Second part (1916-1918)

Second Siege of Spassovsk

The Insurgent Revolt of Agap

Formation of the Balkaro-Mursk Republic

Surrender of Preobrazhenskiy

The Autumn Konev's offensive of the Red army

The Siege of Dravichevsk

Fall of the Royalists


Battles after 1918

Supression of the Northern revolt

Formation of the People's Republic and peasant rebellions

Casualties and losses


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