East Astyrian Treaty Alliance

Eastern Astyria Treaty Organization
Member states of EATA; blue represents former members
Formation7 May 1952
TypeMilitary alliance
HeadquartersParadise City, Blackhelm Confederacy
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The East Astyrian Treaty Alliance, also known as the EATA, is an intergovernmental military alliance based on the EATA charter that was signed by the Blackhelm Confederacy, the Dangish Empire, the Constitutional Monarchy of Aquitayne, Caprica, and the Scottopian Isles on 7 May, 1952. The organization uses a system of collective defense whereby its member states agree to mutual defense in response to an attack by an external party. EATA's headquarters are located in Paradise City, Blackhelm Confederacy. The Blackhelm Confederacy is one of 17 current member-states in the EATA, the newest of which, the Imperial Spartanian Empire], joined in 2009. The combined military spending of EATA member states exceeds over 40 percent of the Astyrian defense market annually. Members' recommended defense spending by EATA standards is 2% of GDP, but this remains only a recommendation.

The EATA was formed in the early 1950's, and remained almost solely an economic free trade agreement until the 1966 Pangus Revolution, where communist revolutionaries took over the government of Pangus and Aquitaynian and Confederate military forces invaded Pangus and disposed of the communist government. After that point, what was mostly seen as the fringe benefits of mutual defense and military cooperation became a cornerstone to EATA policy as well as its outlook on the rest of Astyria. Through the 1960's into the 21st century, a strong rivalry developed between the EATA and the Astyrian Trade Organization, a mostly western-nation intergovernmental military alliance that rivaled the power projection and influence of the EATA drastically, and lead to a cold war between the two political blocs. One of the founding members of the EATA, Aquitayne, left the political bloc in 1982 after a national referendum determined the people of the country wanted to leave the military alliance in favor of establishing the United Kingdom.

Article IV of the EATA treaty requires member-states to "come to the assistance of the state or states attacked with all such means as it deems necessary, including armed force."[1] The article has never been invoked, but since the establishment of the EATA there have been many times a deterioration in political standing have lead to near misses in total mobilization. The organization has operated in a multitude of roles since its founding, intervening in the Plattesian Adler crisis, Kamalbia, the Greater Insula Feran Conflict, among others. Currently the alliance conducts anti-piracy operations throughout Astyria and combats multiple terrorist organizations in Kamalbia, Terre Azure, and New Pangus.



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1966 Pangus Revolution

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 Blackhelm Confederacy
 Scottopian Isles
 Red River Free State
 San Joaquin Valley
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 Colchester Landing
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