Electra Georgiou


Electra Georgiou
Member of the Council of Kerlile
Assumed office
23 February 2007
PresidentJoanna Greenwood
Preceded byChloe Georgiou
Personal details
Electra Ana Georgiou

(1962-02-17) February 17, 1962 (age 59)
Hazelton, Kerlile
Political partyReform Party
ChildrenMyra Georgiou, Daniela Georgiou, Isabelle Georgiou
MotherChloe Georgiou
EducationUniversity of Seahaven

Councillor Electra Ana Georgiou (born 17th March 1962) is the current Georgiou family representative on the Council of Kerlile. She is known for her love of the arts, and her experience in foreign affairs. She leans towards the reformist side of the Council.

Councillor Georgiou was the first Council heir to study at a university outside of Kerlile, attending the University of Seahaven in Lauchenoiria. She studied Art and Music.

Early life and education

Electra Georgiou was born to Chloe Georgiou in the city of Hazelton, Kerlile. Several sources claim she had a twin brother, however due to the laws requiring Councillors to give up any sons, the brother was raised in an orphanage. His whereabouts today are unknown.

Georgiou was educated by private tutors in the city of Maytown, as is tradition for Daughters of the Council. As a child she had a passion for the arts, producing many paintings and also learning to play three musical instruments – the piano, violin and clarinet.

Following her education in Maytown, she attended the University of Grapevale for two years, studying Gender Studies, however dropped out and left Kerlile to attend the University of Seahaven in Lauchenoiria, much to the shock of the Council. Her mother insisted on her return to the Lauchenoiria’s authorities, however they refused to return her against her will. She graduated in 1986, and returned to Kerlile.

Pre-Council years

Electra Georgiou became fascinated by foreign culture and art during her studies, and began to travel to various countries, to the distaste of the Council. In these years she showed no overt interest in reforming domestic policy within Kerlile, but pushed for greater trade with other countries, and to try and improve the Matriarchy’s international image.

Her mother, Councillor Chloe Georgiou, remained neutral during the Council conflict of 1983, when Joanne Robinson attempted to oust Susanna Pierre from the Presidency and was found dead in the Council chamber. Electra also remained officially neutral, though upon her return to Kerlile after completing her studies, she befriended Sarah Robinson.

She had her first daughter in 1990, and subsequently had two other daughters in 1996 and 1999. It is rumoured that she also had a son, who was raised in secret, however this cannot be proven as under Kerlian law Councillors and heirs may not raise sons.

On the Council

Georgiou inherited her seat following the death of her mother in 2007. She continued her family’s position of relative neutrality during her first decade on the Council, preferring to focus on her art and ignoring the divisions within the Council. However, during her time she managed to make alliances with Councillors on both sides of the divide, allowing her to pass a number of bills increasing arts and education funding.

From 2017 onwards, she began to favour the reformist faction slightly, however retained ties with the traditionalists. She abstained in 2018 on the vote on whether or not to join the Second Lauchenoirian Civil War, one of the few Council votes where the record was made public.

Following the war, she attended the 2019 Tofino Leaders Summit along with Foreign Minister Katrine Porter and Trade Minister Ines Abbott as the Kerlian representatives. Kerlile claimed their presence at the summit was aimed at improving relations between other countries, however their presence caused controversy.

Personal life

Georgiou continues to paint, and some of her artwork is on display in government buildings throughout Kerlile. Before the Lauchenoirian civil war, she continued to travel to other nations, visiting art galleries and attending concerts. However, since the war, it has been deemed too dangerous for Councillors to travel outside of Kerlile unless on business.