2019 Tofino Leaders Summit

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1st Tofino Leaders Summit
Announced onFebruary 4, 2019 (2019-02-04)
Presented onFebruary 22, 2019 (2019-02-22)
SiteTofino Convention Center, Tofino, Zamastan
Hosted byPresident of Zamastan Anya Bishop

The 2019 Tofino Leaders Summit was the inaugural meeting of several leaders from around the International Democratic Union in the Zamastanian capital city of Tofino. It was announced on February 2nd, 2019, by Secretary of State Avi Tremblan in an open invitation to any member state of the IDU and heads of government. It was hosted on February 22nd, 2019 thru multiple days, where participating member states discussed conversations ranging from energy policies and trade agreements, as well as military alliances and practices [1]. President Anya Bishop was classified as the conference's host. Most of the meetings were conducted at the Tofino Convention Center, while others were held in locations such as the participating nation's embassies.


State Department of ZAMASTAN The State Department of Zamastan is pleased to announce, on the behalf of President Anya G. Bishop, that in accordance with the continuing pursuit of a higher involvement of diplomatic affairs on the international stage, Zamastan will host the Inaugural Tofino Leaders Summit on Friday, February 22nd, 2019. President Bishop extends her invitation to dignitaries and heads of states of any member state of the International Democratic Union to the capital of Tofino for discussions on economic policies, with the intention to promote dialogue between major industrial and emerging market countries. Other conferences will focus on energy policies including green energy, nuclear energy, hydro-electric energy, and the substantial coal and natural gas energy influx, with addresses towards the impacts of environmental change and increasing global temperatures as a result or effect thereof due to these processes. Dependent on the requests or interests of joining heads of state, discussions based on military defense programs and anything in relation to said subject may proceed. The President looks forward to seeing your dignitaries at the conference, and is anticipating meeting many of you in person for the first time since her assumption of the office on January 23rd. She extends her excitement and anticipation towards all member states of the International Democratic Union and hopes for continued prosperity and friendship for the future. -Secretary of State Avi Tremblan

Participating members



The participating nations arrived according to their own schedule, by the allowance of Secretary of State Avi Tremblan. The first envoy to arrive was Cadair's, with Mab Darogan Waywffon Morgan and Ambassador Aoife Lir receiving an honor guard welcome by President Bishop and Secretary Tremblan. The second and fourth nations to arrive were Libertas Omnium Maximus and Shuell, who housed their delegates in their respective embassies (Maximusian Embassy). Third was Kerlile, who's attendance at the conference was widely spectated as well as criticized due to the matriarchal nation's relative isolation and controversial human rights records.

Key Topics

Sustainable economic growth and trade

Climate change and energy

Foreign and security policy

The Aelurian Referendum

One of the issues discussed was the upcoming referendum for Aelurian independence. Aeluria had long been considering breaking away and declaring statehood from Lauchenoiria, and the movement had gained significant traction following the Second Lauchenoirian Civil War. The nations of Kerlile and Libertas Omnium Maximus, as two neighbor countries and political influences in the region, were highly involved in discussions regarding the referendum as they were on the opposite side of factions during the conflict. Kerlilian Minister of Foreign Affairs, Katrine Porter, offered many deterrences to the notion that Kerlile was directly influencing the voters at the ballots.

Several leaders came out in support of independence during the course of the summit. Shuell's Director of International Affairs made his statement shortly before arriving in Tofino, while President Bishop stated in a press conference on the 22nd that she gave her "full backing behind the Aelurian's and their quest for independence." [2]

Though not attending the conference, Sanctarian Chancellor, Charlene Hendry, also came forward on the 23rd with her support of the independence movement, saying "We are guarantors not only of the Haven Accords, but also of this election. We’re the ones promising, and ensuring, it is free and fair. We in this nation support self-determination. You’re asking how Sanctaria would respond if Aeluria votes for independence? If we’re guaranteeing the vote is valid, then it would be an abdication of duty, and of our values, to ignore that vote.” [3] The endorsments by the leaders of Shuell, Zamastan, and Sanctaria were seen by many attending the conference as well as many around the globe as a key factor in the eventual decision by Aelurian citizens.

Quality infrastructure investment

Schedule of meetings

Controversy and Other Developments

Terror Plot

A homegrown terrorist with connections to the Malvarian Liberation Front was arrested in connection to a plot to attack the Summit under the goal of targeting many world leaders, including Anya Bishop, Edwin Sloan, Waywffon Morgan, and several members of the Laeralian delegation. The attack never took place as the Z.I.S. was able to arrest the terrorist before any part of it was undertaken. [4]

Sand Point

Several controversies to arise during the course of the Summit. The first major controversy was that of the nation of Sand Point dropping out of the conference following remarks by their leadership deemed hateful and ignorant by many fellow IDU nations.

Kerlile and Aeluria

Secondly was the attendance of Kerlile. Kerlile is a strict matriarchal society, which has faced numerous human rights violations for their discriminatory laws preventing men from holding office, jobs, and other opportunities only granted to women. Other violations include their death penalty regulations as well as their treatment of prisoners. Many attending nations steered clear of conversation with Kerlilian diplomats during the course of the summit, though President Anya Bishop had many direct talks with their diplomats on a wide variety of topics. At one point, Secretary of State Avi Tremblan had a tense conversation with the Kerlilian delegation regarding possible tampering in the election process for the referendum in which he stormed off and promised to cancel exports and imports of luxury items between the two nations. [5]

Laeralian Election

The Tofino Leaders Summit was the first foreign policy event for President Liu Mei-han of Laeral, who had replaced Nicholas Brennan in late December elections and been sworn in as President on January 1st. The Laeralian delegation in Zamastan, however, consisted largely of members of the caretaker government led by Prime Minister Tanvi Misra, meaning that their statements could not be seen entirely as Laeralian government policy. President Anya Bishop had congratulated Liu upon her election, and extended her excitement and anticipation for continued partnership.


File:Tofino convention center.jpg
Tofino Convention Center, the primary location of the conference. The towers behind the Convention Center were hotels reserved for the diplomats and their staff who opted to not stay in embassies.


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