Reform Party (Kerlile)

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Reform Party
LeaderRebecca Arnott
FoundedMay 28, 2019 (2019-05-28)
HeadquartersGrapevale, Kerlile
IdeologyKerlian reform, gender equality
Political positioncentre
Colors     Green
Council of Kerlile
4 / 10
Parliament of Kerlile
2 / 96

The Reform Party is a political party in Kerlile formed in May 2019, which supports reform of the totalitarian regime in Kerlile. The party is the second legal party in Kerlile, after the Women's Party of Kerlile.


The party has five main goals in Kerlile:

1. Torture to be outlawed as a punishment, and Restricted Region facilities to be closed immediately.

2. Men to be allowed to pursue further education after the age of 16, and for employment restrictions on men to be greatly loosened.

3. An end to the emigration ban, and for Kerlians to be allowed to visit other countries as tourists.

4. The immediate end to unpaid labour in prisons and a new guarantee that all prisoners will be treated sufficiently well.

5. The release of so-called ‘political prisoners’ arrested for Class III anti-matriarchal activity (Class III offences are offences solely relating to speech and involving no additional action).


The party is supported by Councillors Rosemary Arnott, Jennifer Hale, Electra Georgiou and Carmen Robinson as well as by current President Rebecca Arnott, who is the party's leader. She is the first President of Kerlile who is not a current member of the Women's Party.