Eugent Reize Arnor III

Eugent Reize Arnor III
Eugent Reise Arnor III.png
Emperor of the Erebonian Empire
Reign19 August 1999 - Present
PredecessorEugent Reize Arnor II
Prime MinisterJohn Worrickson
Giliath Osbourne
Born21 June 1965
Heimdallr, Erebonian Empire
SpousePriscilla Reize Arnor
IssueOlivert Reize Arnor
Cedric Reize Arnor
Alfin Reize Arnor
Full name
Eugent Reize Arnor
HouseHouse of Arnor
FatherEugent Reize Arnor II
MotherErinna Reize Arnor

Eugent Reize Arnor III (21 June 1965) is the 75th Emperor of the Erebonian Empire since his ascension to the throne in 19 August 1999.

As the eldest child of Emperor Eugent Reize Arnor II, he became Crown Prince in 1967 and was the 2nd in the line of succession. Raised in Heimdallr, he attended the Thors Military Academy, graduating with a rank of Colonel. During the reign of his father, Crown Prince Eugent served in the Imperial Army of Erebonia. During the Post-War of Lorican Aggression Crisis, he led the II Erebonian Corps and directed minor skirmishes occurring in the Erebonian-Calvardian border. During that time, he met with future Field Marshal Kiriya Kitagawa whom the latter became close friends very quick. He was present during the renaming of the Leeves Garrison Fort to Fort Daidoji in Leeves in honour of his grandfather, Field Marshal Daidoji Kitagawa.

In the late-1990s, his father was dragged into an infidelity crisis after rumours that Eugent II had an extramarital affair with a married woman. This event reduced the trust of the public to the Erebonian Royal Family. Refusing the family to suffer further, Eugent II abdicated. As a result, Crown Prince Eugent succeeded him and became Emperor. In his early reign, Eugent distanced himself from his father's affairs and worked as an advisor to the Erebonian Parliament. Despite laws prohibiting the Royal Family from interfering Government affairs, Eugent III was keen on increasing Erebonia's dominant position in Scandinavia. During this time, the tensions between the Calvard Republic and the Erebonian Empire were rising. During the Second Lucis Civil War, Erebonia sent support to the United Kingdom, during which the crackdown on Calvardian spies in the country began. It was also during his reign that Erebonia had solified itself as one of the leading Allied nations alongside two other Commonwealth nations, namely the UK and Gallia.

Eugent III's activities and personality restored confidence of the public towards the Royal Family. His critics have agreed that his rule had transformed Erebonia into a powerhouse. With this, Eugent III's popularity continues to increase.

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