Euphemia Hirria

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Euphemia Hirria
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Hirria in July 2017
Flavia Hirria Euphemia Maria

(1971-07-26) 26 July 1971 (age 51)
EducationSt George's, Castellum
  • Actress
  • filmmaker
Years active1988–present
Partner(s)Michael Ribaddi (1993–1995)
Parent(s)Amantius Hirrius
Maria Lusia

Euphemia Hirria is a Latin actress, and filmmaker. She has received 2 PAL awards for Best Actress, and Y {and here}, and is cited as being one of the highest paid actresses in Latium. Her acting career began in 1986, when she major role in the television show Piratica, followed by her first leading role in Anhelo (1992). She stared in critically acclaimed films such as Salis (1994), {major foreign film} (1995), Puella Pulcher (1998), Orior (2003), and Adventum (2009). She made her director debut in 2016, with historical, war-time drama Mors Constantini of the death of Prince Constantine of Youth at the battle of Saint-Nazaire.

Early life and education

Euphemia Hirria was born on 26 July 1971 in Cispius, Castellum ab Alba, Hirria is the daughter of screenwriter Amantius Hirrius and university professor Maria Hirria (née: Lusia). She was raised in multi-religious household, as her father is an Alban Christian and her mother a Fabrian Catholic, along with her two elder siblings: Amantius and Maurianus. During a 2001 interview, she stated that she identifies just as closely to both faiths, though was never required to attend church services as a child, and claims that her exposure to both "greatly contributed to [her] current worldview."

Hirria first attended Our Lady of Charity (Latin: Beata Maria Virgo Charitatis) for her secondary education, where she says she was bullied for her small size and glasses. She had her first acting audition at the age of 15 in 1986, though did not receive the role. She continued to audition for roles during her brief stint in university while she studied theater at St George's College at University of Castellum Iohnnes XIII. During her first term at St George, Hirria auditioned for a role in LTC series, Piratica, where she starred as Sophia Rasinia.


Hirria dropped out of university in 1988 after receiving a role on LTCs Piratica. She remained on the series for six seasons, and was the series lead for seasons four through six. During the series's fourth season, Hirria made her film debut in the cult classic Anhelo, which is often considered to be her major breakthrough. As a fledging star, Hirria was courted to star in the 1995 Dane West film {title}, as the film's "West girl".

After gaining mainstream success from her role in {West film}, Hirria starred in major dramatic films such as Puella Pulcher (1998), Orior (2003), and Adventum (2009). She made her starring action debut as Destasia Ovinia in the eponymously named film series.

She made her directoral debut in 2016 with the historical, war-time drama Mors Constantini, which depicted the death of Prince Constantine of Youth at the battle of Saint-Nazaire in the 11th century. Hirria also held a role in the film as Latin Empress Maria I Augusta. She earned a PAL nomination for best director and best supporting actress, though failed to win either category.

Personal life

Hirria had her first serious boyfriend during her final year of secondary school when she was rumored to be dating Comitas Volcatius after the two met during an audition. In interviews, Hirria said that "without [Volcatius]'s guidance and mentorship, I'm not sure I would have found the heart to keep trying" in the film industry. In 1993, Hirria was linked to Sydalene television star Michael Ribaddi, later confirming they were in a relationship. Despite this, Hirria faced rumors of an affair with then Latin heir apparent Jason, Prince of Youth. Hirria has always denied rumors of the affair, though her relationship with Ribaddi ended after the rumors appeared in 1995.

Hirria avoided rumors of romantic involvement until 2000, where she began a relationship with Latin musician Dioscorus Poetelius. Hirria and Poetelius married in 2007, and have two children.


Television and film roles
Year Title Role Notes
1988–1994 Piratica Sophia Rasinia Main role, 120 episodes – television
1992 Anhelo Diana
1995 Dane West film name Supporting role, West girl
1998 Puella Pulcher Anzoy Sabatia
2000 Supporting role
2002 Supporting role
2003 Orior Clementina Sanquinia
2009 Adventum Sol
2010 Destasia Destasia Ovinia
2011 Terra Herself Narrator
2011 Vulpes Silvia (voice) Also executive producer
2013 Destasia: Resurgam Destasia Ovinia Also executive producer
2016 Mors Constantini Empress Maria I Augusta Also director
2017 Destasia: Furcifer Destasia Ovinia Also executive producer