Garr'n Cardoza II

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Garr'n Cardoza II
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President of Paraboca
In office
30 May 2016 – 30 May 2021
Preceded byRolando Graciani
Succeeded byOriol Miguélez
Personal details
BornCardoza, Paraboca

Garr'n Cardoza the Second, also known as Garr'n Cardoza Jr. is a Parabocan politician who served as the President of Paraboca from 2016-2021. He is named after his father, former President Ivan Cardoza and is part of the Cardoza family line, which includes Manuelo Cardoza who was the leader of the Parabocan Empire during the Parabocan War. Cardoza Jr. is known as a progressive leader who has been credited with much of Paraboca's recent economic and social reforms, but has been criticized for his handling of issues such as homelessness, unemployment, starvation, crime, and terrorism. Among his notable acts as president, he contributed Parabocan troops to the Coalition of East Chanchajilla and Zamastanian forces during the 2021 Chanchajilla War. He lost reelection to Oriol Miguélez.

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