2021 Chanchajilla War

2021 Chanchajilla War
Date23rd February 2021 - ongoing
  • East Chanchajilla
  • Coalition Forces

  • West Chanchajilla
  • Commanders and leaders
  • Gideon Boer
  • Atticus Moreau
  • Garr'n Cardoza
  • Frederick Armbar
  • Casualties and losses
  • -- killed
  • --wounded
  • -- killed
  • -- wounded
  • The 2021 Chanchajilla War, also known as the Second Turania Offensive is an ongoing armed conflict between East Chanchajilla and its allied coalition between the West Chanchajillan regime forces of Frederick Armbar. In 2021, in response to dozens of arrests of West Chanchajillan diplomats abroad, Frederick Armbar initiated a series of terrorist attacks in East Chanchajilla, including an attack in Meguén that killed 76 people[1] and an attack in Vilanja that killed 21[2]. On February 23rd, the West Chanchajillan military launched a series of missile attacks across the Northwestern provinces in the cities of Turania, Nortagate, and Vilanja that killed 542 people and injured thousands. [3] President Boer put the nation's military on high alert and undertook retaliatory airstrikes.[4] The airstrikes soon progressed into a ground offensive, with East Chanchajillan forces advancing beyond the border and capturing the city of Omi within days[5].

    Zamastan, who had intercepted and shot down dozens of West Chanchajillan missiles on February 23rd, resolved to help Eastern forces by conducting airstrikes on March 1st[6], a campaign which would last for the remainder of the conflict. Eastern officials stated on numerous occasions that the inclusion of Zamastanian air superiority resulted directly to the speed at which Eastern forces advanced throughout the country. Despite being stalled after capturing Omi[7], Eastern forces managed to break the resistance and force the Western forces into a strategic retreat to the capital of Ivora. On March 16th, the cities of Vicalvi, Anamosori, and Treviso were captured[8], as was the nuclear facility in Treviso. The fall of these cities, in addition to the capture of Accadia two days later, meant the capital of Ivora was surrounded completely.

    On March 22nd, 2021, Parabocan forces joined the conflict following a treaty signed between President Garr'n Cardoza and President Boer[9]. The offensive now targeted Ivora, with the intention to capture the city, locate and capture Frederick Armbar, and overthrow the government and military rule. On March 24th, Presidents Boer, Cardoza, and Moreau met in Vilanja[10] to discuss establishing a new tri-national run interim government following the inevitable capture of the city. However, fighting lasted longer and became more brutal than anticipated in Ivora. Armbar was killed on April 9th.




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