Green Party (Werania)

Green Party

Grüne Partei
Co-leadersYvonne Buchholz & Josef Kirui
Parliamentary leaderstba
Founded17 April 1982
Membership85,000 (2018)
IdeologyGreen politics
Eco-socialism (minority)
Political positionCentre-left
European affiliationGreen and Ecologist Movement
Colours     Green
80 / 545
21 / 349
117 / 1,151
Euclean Parliament
20 / 122

The Green Party (Weranic: Grüne Partei) is a political party in Werania. Founded in 1982 as a reaction to the growing of anti-nuclear energy, environmental, peace, new left, and new social movements, the party first won seats in the Reichstag in 1987. In 1996 the party split with its pro-governance wing (i.e members who supported Green participating in coalition governments) forming the Ecological Reformists with the Greens becoming eclipsed by the new party. Following the 2005 financial crisis the Ecological Reformists faded into obscurity with the Greens once more becoming the main environmentalist party in Werania.

In the 2019 federal and Euclean elections the Greens became the third largest party and have since overtaken the SRPO as the second largest party in opinion polls. The Greens rise has been attributed to a greater concern about climate change amongst the electorate, opposition to the economic policies of the establishment parties and a shift from the left to a more centrist position by the Greens with a greater focus on social issues.