Halith Republic

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Halith Republic

Tezhron Haliika
Flag of the Halith Republic
CapitalNew Halith
Historical eraTrellinese Civil War
• Proclamation of the Republic
• Disestablished
Preceded by
Succeeded by
Today part of Trellin

The Halith Republic (Trellinese: Tezhron Haliika) was a short-lived revolutionary republic that existed during the Trellinese Civil War. It was established in 1892 at New Halith, capital of the Trellinese province of Rezat. The Republic controlled most of central and southern Rezat. Its leadership was dissatisfied with King Hasper's response to the Halith Disaster a decade earlier and joined with other republican and anti-monarchist groups across Trellin to attempt either to overthrow the Sidereal Crown or to assert their own independence. This effort ultimately failed, and the Halith Republic and its allies were defeated by supporters of the Sidereal Crown after a seven-year war.


The Proclamation of the Republic, depicted by Khaledro Baren



Unlike most other revolutionary states of the Civil War, the Halith Republic never sought recognition as an independent state. Its leaders wished to see Trellin transition to a federal republic with stronger provincial representation. Halith's government was designed by political thinker Misrav Tunarka as a model for federal subjects within this theoretical future republic. The government had three branches: an executive, consisting of the president and an advisory panel of military and intellectuals; a judiciary; and a unicameral legislature.