House of MacIconnich

Template:Royal house The House of MacIconnich (Ghaillish: Teach na Mac Connach), also known as Clan MacIconnich, is the royal house of Glytter. It was founded by King Coinneach I by royal proclamation on 14 June 1082, when he was crowned King of Glytter. The House of MacIconnich's last official monarch was Ellen II of Glytter, who chose to unite the house with the title of her husband, Philippe of Sartoux. As a result all of their children and grandchildren were members of the new cadet branch, the House of MacIconnich-Sartoux. However, Kenneth IV is still considered the head of the House of MacIconnich and the Chief of Clan MacIconnich.

The name MacIconnich is the anglicized version of the Ghaillish Mac Connach, usually translated to "the kin of those related to Conn". The clan has its origins in the legendary and ancient King Conn and claims to be among the oldest in the Caldish Isles.


Clan MacIconnich claims lineage back to the ancient King Conn, one of the déithe beag in Ghaillish paganism. Conn was regarded as a highly learned man and it is claimed to be the author of the First Books, the pagan holy texts. It remains unproven if Conn ever existed and is typically considered strictly a mythical figure by scholars. As such, the true founder of Clan MacIconnich is disputed.

It is commonly regarded that Connach Mac Connach is the founder of the dynasty, as he is its first recorded member. He was the only son of Connach Mac Dia Beag, who is himself the claimed son of Conn. The issue largely alludes both historians and genealogists who have studied the family. Mac Connach is significant as he led his clan to victory in battle over Clan O'Connor. The O'Connors and the MacIconnichs were early rivals as both claimed to have their origins in Conn. Following the battle, the O'Connors were subdued and swore fealty to the MacIconnichs. After the victory, the rivalry did not end but it lost its violent nature.

Tenure as ruling house

Rise to power

Overtime, the clan became one of the most powerful in southern central Glytter. It swore fealty to Clan Mac Aillán before the Wars of Unification. This pact extended to Clan Ní Daireann, for which the MacIconnichs often served as stewards. Post unification, the chief was awarded the Duchy of Clyte, the ancestral seat of the Mac Ailláns.

Connieach Mac Connach, Duke of Clyte and nephew of the sickly Queen Ailbe III, usurped power and established himself as heir designate and Laird Regent. Upon her death, Connieach became King and the ruling house changed from Ní Daireann to MacIconnich.