Jean-Marc Salérin

Jean-Marc Salérin
10th President of Lecistan
In office
24 August 2015 – 12 October 2015
MonarchJuhani III
Preceded byWiktór Kozlowski
Succeeded byTobéasz Dunôjski
Personal details
Born5 April 1956
Érbëgard, Lecistan
Political partyNational Union for the Resurgence of Lecistan Supported, not official member
Spouse(s)Anna Fagieri
Military service
Branch/serviceLecistani Armed Forces
Years of service1974-2015

Jean-Marc Georges Salérin (pronounced: d͡ʒoˈvane ˈmarko saltoˈt͡ʃiri; Lec: Jón-Marko Jerzy Sáltucéri) was the tenth President of Lecistan from 24 August 2015 to 12 October 2015. Born in Érbëgard in 1956 to an ethnically Odissian family, Sáltucéri entered the Lecistani Armed Forces in 1976, being promoted to general in 2002. He stayed in that position until 24 August 2015, when, fearing instability and weak rule from the Lecistani government due to a near-civil war, he ousted President Wiktór Kozlowski in a bloodless coup d'état, taking the position of President. His presidency was seen as sporadic, due to his rather unknown views. Many political scientists considered him a nationalist and authoritarian due to his icy relationship with Grand Duke Juhani III as well as his clamping down on dissidents. However, he is also seen as a minor democratizing force, allowing formerly banned parties to run in the October 2015 election, albeit under strict control. He won re-election in the 6 October elections with ninety-two percent of the vote, however the vote was heavily rigged in his favour. On 12 October 2015, Sáltucéri was dismissed by Grand Duke Juhani III after proposed a new constitution giving himself extend powers, and was charged with voting fraud and sedation. It is unknown were he currently is.