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Josephus Verrucosus

The Duke Verrucosus

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Consul of Latium
In office
7 January 1981 – 7 January 1991
MonarchDiana Augusta
Preceded byValentinian Poppaeus
Succeeded byThe Duke of Keld
In office
23 June 1963 – 4 January 1966
Preceded byThe Duke Adrianople
Succeeded byThe Duke Caprenius
Count of the East
Vicar of Perateia
In office
31 March 1973 – 2 September 1976
MonarchDiana Augusta
Preceded byConstantine Turullius
Succeeded byMichael Claudius
Senate Minority Leader
In office
2 September 1977 – 7 January 1981
MonarchDiana Augusta
ConsulValentinian Poppaeus
Preceded byMichael Acisculus
Succeeded byJordan Duronius
Leader of the Conservative Party
In office
2 September 1977 – 8 January 1991
Preceded byMichael Acisculus
Succeeded byJustin Seius
In office
4 January 1961 – 17 June 1966
Preceded byArcadius Licinus
Succeeded byTheophylactus Appuleius
Magistrate for Legionary Procurment
In office
17 May 1958 – 23 June 1963
MonarchDiana Augusta
Preceded byConstantine Brocchus
Succeeded byDavid Ocellus
Senator of Latium
In office
4 January 1956 – 1 January 1996
Personal details
BornJosephus Verrucosus Fabius Constantinus
(1928-04-02) 2 April 1928 (age 93)
Claudiopolis, Diocese of the East
Political partyConservative
Damiane Vitruvia (m. 1953)
Alma materCoastal College, Utica (PPE)
Military service
Allegiance Latium
Branch/service Latin Army
Years of service1945–1950
Battles/warsSocial War
Gelonian War of Independence

Duke Josephus Verrucosus (Josephus Verrucosus Fabius Constantinus; b. 2 April 1928) is a Latin nobleman, businessman and former Consul of Latium. He served as Consul on two occasions, becoming the youngest Latin Consul, at 35 years old, when he was appointed in 1963; and again serving from 1981 to 1991. By overall tenure across his appointments, he is the second longest serving Consul in Latin history. He is the maternal grandfather of Latin Emperor Constantine XX.

Verrucosus was born in 1928 to an impoverished family when his father was serving as an enlisted member of the Latin Army, stationed in Constantia. At the age of 17, he joined the Latin Army in 1945 where he took part in the Social War and the battles of Ravenna and Ascanium. Verrucosus earned a degree from the University of Utica in 1953, and was subsequently elected to the Senate in 1956. In 1953, Verrucosus married Latin noblewoman Damiane Vitruvia. He and Vitruvia have 5 children, including Zoe Verrucosa. In 1958 he served as Under-magistrate for Defense during the Consulship of Jason Claudius, Duke Adrianople. Upon Adrianople's mid-term retirement in 1963, Verrucosus was widely believed to be his hand-picked successor, serving until his electoral defeat in the 1965 general election. Before returning to the Consulship in 1981, Verrucosus put his political career on hold and aided his brother in creating Verrucosus Building and Trade, today known as Verrucosus Holdings. He was made Duke in 1970.

As Consul, Verrucosus saw an easing of previous Conservative Party platforms and was widely considered a moderate as his tenure progressed. In his first tenure as Consul he was integral in the move to universal suffrage in local and senate elections, along with his advocacy for devolution, stopping short of federal reform. His consulships saw increased funding for rural development, arts, and healthcare. Verrucosus was subject to multiple assassination attempts throughout his consulships. He was known for his abrasive tendencies among members of his own party and subordinates on the Council of Magistrates, and use of coercive practices to advance senate legislation.

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Social War

Early political career

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First Consulship

Electoral defeat

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