Konrad Dünhaupt

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Konrad Dünhaupt
Jan jambon-1529408527.jpg
Dünhaupt in 2018
Leader of the National Bloc
Assumed office
15 October 2021
Preceded byLilliana Elliott
Minister-President of Zittau
Assumed office
4 June 2006
DeputyHermann Heffelfinger
Preceded byLorenz Carstens
Member of the Folkssenaat
for Zittau
In office
2 May 1997 – 25 April 2006
Mayor of Allkau
In office
2 May 1991 – 14 January 1999
Preceded byFerdinand Tillmann
Succeeded bySimon Lieblein
Personal details
Konrad Friedrich Dünhaupt

(1960-01-08) 8 January 1960 (age 63)
Hatzfeld, Zittau, Alsland
Political partySotirian Union
Other political
National Bloc
EducationInstitute of Geology of Yndyk
WebsiteOfficial website

Konrad Dünhaupt (born 8 January 1960) is an Alslandic geologist and politician. A lifelong member of the Sotirian Union, he served as a member of the Folkssenaat from 1997 until he was elected as the Minister-President of Zittau in 2006, a position he has held continuously since. He is the longest serving Provincial Premier in Alslandic history.

Dünhaupt was a prominent media personality and was known for his works regarding conservation before entering politics. He was elected as Mayor of Allkau in 1991 after a brief career in local politics. As Mayor he supported a total redevelopment of the city's public transport network and supported the expansion of the city's parks. He was elected to the Folkssenaat in 1997. He briefly continued to be Mayor of Allkau before standing down to focus on federal politics. In the Folkssenaat, Dünhaupt drifted further towards the right and embraced right-wing populism in 2002. Dünhaupt was a contender for the 2003 National bloc leadership election but he placed last out of 8 candidates. Dünhaupt became increasingly sidelined in federal politics and was removed from the National Bloc's list in Zittau in 2005. Dünhaupt was selected as the Sotirian Union's candidate for Minister-President of Zittau. Under Dünhaupt's leadership the party won a landslide and close to a majority of seats in the Provinzsenat. Dünhaupt was frequently at odds with the National Bloc's centrist leadership and was described by Hjoed as being closer to the United Democratic Union than the National Bloc. His popularity remained high and he was re-elected in Zittau consistently.

Dünhaupt has stood for the National Bloc's leadership 3 times. 2003 where he finished last, 2016 where he finished second to Lilliana Elliott and in 2021 which he won.

Dünhaupt has described himself as a traditional social conservative whilst embracing economically interventionist stances. He has also been described by others as a right-wing populist and a Pan-Werancist, terms he has both rejected vehemently. Dünhaupt has also embraced the Euclean Community and has been described as a "closet Euclofederalist".

Dünhaupt is a geologist and TV personality, having his own show on ANS from 1988 until 1995. Since then he has been a constant fixture on talkshows and environmental programs. In 2018, he was the focus of the ANS Ostische TV show Vertreter des Volkes where TV cameras documented the daily running of Zittau's government.

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