Left United for the Republic (Amathia)

Left United for the Republic

Ⱄⱅⰻⱀⰳⰰ Ⱆⱀⰹⱅⱐ ⱂⰵⱀⱅⱃⱆ Ⱃⰵⱂⱆⰱⰾⰹⰽⱐ
Stânga Unită pentru Republică
PresidentMaria Marcu
FoundedJuly 14, 2015 (2015-07-14)
Preceded byLeague of Equalists and Democrats
Movement of the Equalist Alternative
NewspaperThe New Sun
IdeologyDemocratic Equalism
Left-wing populism
Liberal socialism (faction)
Economic nationalism
Soft Eucloscepticism
Political positionCenter-left to Left
International affiliationInternational Congress
Colors     Orange
SloganⰎⰹⰱⰵⱃⱅⰰⱄ ⱂⰵⱃⱇⱆⱀⰴⰵⱅ ⱁⰿⱀⰹⰰ ⰾⱆⰽⰵ
Libertas perfundet omnia luce

Freedom will flood all things with light

The Left United for the Republic (Amathian: Ⱄⱅⰻⱀⰳⰰ Ⱆⱀⰹⱅⱐ ⱂⰵⱀⱅⱃⱆ Ⱃⰵⱂⱆⰱⰾⰹⰽⱐ, tr. Stânga Unită pentru Republică), abbreviated as the S.U.R. (Ⱄ.Ⱆ.Ⱃ.) is an Amathian left-wing populist party, created in 2015 as a coalition of left-wing and radical left members from more traditional political parties.