Chamber of the Nation (Amathia)

Chamber of the Nation

Ⰽⰰⰿⰵⱃⰰ Ⱀⰰⱌⰹⱆⱀⰹⰹ
Camera Națiunii
Logo of the Chamber of the Nation
Upper house
of the Senate of Amathia
Founded10 March 1981
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Political groups
Meeting place
Palace of the People

The Chamber of the Nation Amathian: Ⰽⰰⰿⰵⱃⰰ Ⱀⰰⱌⰹⱆⱀⰹⰹ, tr. Camera Națiunii) is the upper house of the Senate of Amathia, alongside the Chamber of the People, together with which it forms the legislative branch of the Amathian state. It was established in 1981 by the Constitution of Amathia, and it is seated in the central capital of Arciluco, holding its sessions in the Palace of the People.

Its 129 representatives are elected by direct popular vote once every four years, using a system of party-list proportional representation. Seats in the Chamber are also reserved for the officially recognized political organizations of the national minorities.


In Amathian, the lower house is known as Ⰽⰰⰿⰵⱃⰰ Ⱀⰰⱌⰹⱆⱀⰹⰹ (Camera Națiunii), literally, the Chamber of the Nation. A member of the chamber is known as a Representative of the Nation (Ⱃⰵⱂⱃⰵⰸⰵⱀⱅⰰⱀⱅ ⰰⰾ Ⱀⰰⱌⰹⱆⱀⰹⰹ, Reprezentant al Națiunii), or as a Senator (Ⱄⰵⱀⰰⱅⱁⱃ, Senator).