Amathian Equalist Republic

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Amathian Equalist Republic

Ⱃⰵⱂⱆⰱⰾⰹⰽⰰ Ⰵⰳⰰⰾⰹⱄⱅⱐ Ⰰⰿⰰⱚⱐ
Republica Egalistă Amathă
Flag of Amathia
National Flag
National Emblem of Amathia
National Emblem
Motto: "Virtus per Unitatem!"
"Ⰲⰹⱃⰹⱅⱆⱄ ⱂⰵⱃ Ⱆⱀⰹⱅⰰⱅⰵⰿ!"
"Strength through Unity!"
CapitalEast Arciluco
Common languagesAmathian
State Atheism
GovernmentUnitary one-party republic under a totalitarian Equalist regime
Premier of the State Council 
• 1959-1963
Valentin Apostol
LegislatureGreat National Assembly
Historical eraGreat Game
30 November 1958
• Established
24 May 1959
• Disestablished
24 December 1963
• Establishment of the South Euclean People's Republic
CurrencyLibro (Ⰾ)
Preceded by
Succeeded by
Amathian Council Republic
South Euclean People's Republic
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The Amathian Equalist Republic (Amathian: Ⱃⰵⱂⱆⰱⰾⰹⰽⰰ Ⰵⰳⰰⰾⰹⱄⱅⱐ Ⰰⰿⰰⱚⱐ, tr. Republica Egalistă Amathă) was the official name of the Equalist Amathian regime from 1959 to 1963. The new regime was established following the reorganization of the Amathian Council Republic at the end of the Thistle Uprising. The Equalist faction had gained a majority control throughout most of the local councils and the Great National Council by 1957, and rising tensions with other councilist factions led to an attempted uprising with Kiernian support that was crushed by the mostly Equalist-leaning Amathian military. The victory of the government in this struggle led to purges and a massive reorganization, which in turn marked the beginning of the Amathian-Kiernian split and the establishment of Equalism as an independent position and ideology. The subsequent alignment of Champania with Amathia and negotiations between the Equalists of both countries led to a Proclamation of Unity and the establishment of a federation between Amathia and Champania in the South Euclean People's Republic.