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List of political parties in Senria

This article lists political parties in Senria.

Active parties

Parties represented in the National Assembly

Party logo Party name Political alliance First leader Current leader Seats in the
National Assembly
Seats in
People's-Senria.png Party of Patriots
Nationalist Society ZhengHyeJeou.jpg
Katurou Imahara
Tomomi Inada 2017.jpg
Reika Okura
304 / 545
0 / 1,000
The Aikokutou was formed in 1926 by Katurou Imahara as a political vehicle for the Gang of Six. It became the de facto governing party of Senria in 1927 with the creation of the Government of National Preservation, but it was not formally elected until 1933; since then it has functioned as Senria's dominant party. Originally dominated by the military, the party civilianized slightly under Tokiyasu Kitamura, but this was reversed by Takesi Takahata following Kitamura's assassination; it would not fully civilianize until the ascension of Kiyosi Haruna, who balanced domestic liberalization against a hard line in foreign affairs. Briefly taken over by a reformist faction led by Sigesato Izumi in the early 2000s, the party has since returned to a harder stance under Hayato Nisimura and his successor Reika Okura.
Democratic Party of Senria logo.png Democratic Party
Democratic Reform Alliance Isao Isiyama portrait alternate colorized.png
Isao Isiyama
香港特首籲港民尊國歌 勿以身試法 (cropped).jpg
Akiko Hasegawa
83 / 545
0 / 100
The Democratic Party was formed in 1940 by Isao Isiyama and his supporters following Isiyama's expulsion from the Kyouwakai by Nobusuke Takeo. Originally drawing its membership from the Kyouwakai's left wing, the Democratic Party quickly became the main left-wing opposition party in Senria, a role it has retained since. Typically the largest opposition party, it faced periodic legal harassment from successive Aikokutou governments as a result. The Democrats formed a political alliance with the Farmer-Laborer Party in 1980 following the Justice Party's 1978 political realignment. Initially known as the Republican Front, this alliance became the Minkairen in 2001.
Koumeitou (Senria) logo.png Good Governance Party
none Sosuke Uno cropped 2 Sosuke Uno 19890603.jpg
Yasuo Doigawa
教育部長潘文忠 (cropped).jpg
Genzou Nagasawa
55 / 545
0 / 1,000
The Koumeitou was formed in 1991 with the goal of uniting Senria's fractured opposition parties. Bolstered by several high-profile defections from other parties, the Koumeitou fared well in the 1993 elections, falling only five seats behind the Democrats, but did not do well enough to establish itself as the leading opposition party, and subsequently lost ground to both the Democrats and Liberals in 1998. It was reduced to being the third-largest party in the National Assembly in 2003, provoking the resignation of founder Yasuo Doigawa, but returned to being the second-largest in 2008.
Liberal Party of Senria logo.png Liberal Party
New Senria Alliance Nobusuke Kishi.jpg
Kantarou Harada
Hwang Kyo-ahn December 2016.jpg
Natuo Watanabe
32 / 545
0 / 1,000
The Liberal Party was formed by Kantarou Harada in 1952 as a result of dissatisfaction with the political direction of the Kyouwakai, and with the leadership of Nobusuke Takeo. Under Harada and his early successors, the Liberal Party periodically attempted to act as a "bridge" between the government and opposition; however, it formally ended this policy in 1967 under the leadership of Kakuei Taketomi, and has remained firmly in the opposition camp since. It has typically been the second- or third-largest opposition party in the National Assembly. Alongside the New Conservatives and the Senria Renewal Association, it formed the Sinsendou in early 2004.
Farmer-Laborer Party of Senria logo.png Farmer-Laborer Party
Democratic Reform Alliance Suzuki Mosaburo.JPG
Kiyokazu Akae
Hidemi Ryouga portrait.PNG
Hidemi Ryouga
26 / 545
0 / 1,000
The Farmer-Laborer Party of Senria was formed in 1937 after the Senroukaibu formally adopted exclusive support for state socialism in the party platform. While it was subjected to regular harassment and suppression by the Senrian regime in the 1940s and 1950s, it faced less than the Senroukaibu and was consequently able to surpass it in size and prominence. It flourished briefly during the late 1950s and early 1960s, but again faced regular suppression after Takesi Takahata became Prime Minister. It began to cooperate politically with the Democratic Party in 1980, becoming a founding member of the Kyourengou and, subsequently, the Minkairen.
Kyouwakai current logo.png Republican Association
none Ryuunosuke Miyamoto portrait colorized.png
Ryuunosuke Miyamoto
Eric Shinseki official Veterans Affairs portrait.jpg
Takesi Tunematu
14 / 545
0 / 1,000
Formed in 1910, the Kyouwakai was created by the merger of several smaller republican groups. Under the leadership of Ryuunosuke Miyamoto and his protege Isao Isiyama, it played a leading role in the Senrian Revolution and the Council of the Senrian State; however, it was forced from power by the Aikokutou during the Great War. After forcing out Isiyama, who was blamed for the Kyouwakai's fall from power, Nobusuke Takeo ran the party for two and a half decades; his personal and political feuds with Kantarou Harada and Hisao Sueyosi weakened the party further. Since Takeo's death, the Kyouwakai has played a comparatively minor role in Senrian politics.
Justice-Senria.png Justice Party
Nationalist Society NISHIO Suehiro.jpg
Hisao Sueyosi
Grace Meng Official Congressional Photo (cropped).jpg
Noriko Yanagihara
11 / 545
0 / 1,000
Hisao Sueyosi formed the Justice Party in 1964 due to a personal feud with Kyouwakai leader Nobusuke Takeo. Initially part of the opposition coalition, the party realigned to be more sympathetic towards the Aikokutou beginning with the accession of Kumiko Yosida as party leader in 1978. This ultimately resulted in Yosida becoming Minister of Public Works in 1983, the first member of a party other than the Aikokutou to do so, in 1983 and Deputy Prime Minister in 1989. It has remained in alliance with the Aikokutou since.
Reimeisa logo.png New Dawn Society
Nationalist Society Uchida Ryohei.jpg
Kyouhei Aisawa
Jeong Kyeong-doo 정경두 (US Navy phto 181012-N-TB148-0019 JEJU ISLAND, Republic of Korea).jpg
Suketosi Akada
6 / 545
0 / 1,000
Formed in 1902, the Reimeisa is one of the oldest extant political parties in Senria. Initially an anti-Euclean secret society, it became a formal political faction in 1912. It suffered a serious split during the Great War between its monarchist and republican members; the former group formed the True Reimeisa, which collaborated with Xiaodong during the conflict, while the latter aligned itself with the government of Katurou Imahara. The Reimeisa formally allied itself politically to Imahara's Aikokutou in 1937, and has been in coalition with the Aikokutou ever since, with some analysts arguing that the Reimeisa now functions as a "wholly-owned subsidiary" of the Aikokutou.
Senrian Greens logo.png Green Union
Midori Doumei
Democratic Reform Alliance
Itirou Sakamoto portrait.jpg
Itirou Sakamoto
5 / 545
0 / 1,000
The Green Union was founded in 2014 from a collection of smaller environmentalist and red-green parties... (tbd description of party history - formed in the 2010s from a collection of left-wing environmentalist parties)
Isotaman Nationalists logo.png Isotaman Nationalist Party
Isotama Kokumintou
Isutama Gunimintu
Equality Society Hosokawa Chohei.jpg
Nagisa Yonabaru
Denny Tamaki (2018).jpg
Kousaburou Senaga
4 / 545
0 / 1,000
The Isotaman Nationalist Party was formed in 1911 to call for the independence of the Isotama Islands from Senria and Estmere. Its membership was decimated by the Great War... (tbd description of party history - formed in the 1910s; got absolutely fucked by the war and repression, but got back on its feet afterwards and has been a local dominant party ever since)
New Conservatives (Senria) logo.png New Conservative Party
New Senria Alliance Mitsuo Horiuchi 1997.jpg
Kagemori Tikudate
Lin Chia-lung from VOA (1)(cropped).jpg
Tadanobu Kuroi
2 / 545
0 / 1,000
(tbd description of party history - formed in the 70s to succeed a party that existed in the 40s and 50s)
Communist Party of Senria logo.png Senrian Section of the Workers' Internationale
Senryuu Roudousakaibu
none Dosan Ahn Chang-ho in 1920s.jpg
Sigeru Hasegawa
Kazuo Shii cropped.jpg
Katuo Takahara
1 / 545
0 / 1,000
Formed in 1912 by Sigeru Hasegawa, the Senroukaibu was established as a successor to the Senrian Masses Party, which had fallen apart four years earlier... (tbd description of party history - formed in the 1910s; stayed pretty hardline politically, and got persecuted a fair bit as a result)
Esamankur-Cotratic Congress logo.png Congress of Esamankur and Cotratics
Sumanzin to Koturazin no Kaigi
Ramunukar na Esamankur wa Katuratik
Kayk’e Ezamankur hri Q’otratk
Equality Society Kotan05pic.gif
Wada Jun.jpg
Hennauke Tukarwa
& Kekhan Ganaha
Yoko Kamikawa cropped 2 Taku Otsuka Tim Hitchens and Yoko Kamikawa 20150401.jpg
Aterui Naiporo &
Tamiko Emasu
1 / 545
0 / 100
(tbd description of party history - formed by the unification of two separate parties, one esamankur and one cotratic, in the 50s)
Kenhandou logo.png Constitutional Prosperity Alliance
Kenpou Han’ei Doumei
Xiànfǎ Fánróng Tóngméng
Equality Society Tam Yiu-chung.jpg
Keturin Ru
Huang Fengmian portrait.jpg
Houmen Ou
1 / 545
0 / 1,000
  • ideology stuff tbd
(tbd description of party history - formed in the late 2000s as a successor to many parties banned for being too overtly xiao)

Other active parties

Party logo Party name Political alliance First leader Current leader Seats in the
National Assembly
Seats in
Sinpokai logo.png Progressive Association
Democratic Reform Alliance Masayo Esaki portrait.jpg
Masayo Esaki
Wang Qishan in 2016.jpg
Sousuke Huzioka
0 / 545
0 / 1,000
(tbd description of party history - formed in the 80s as a relatively niche middle-class party, and has kind of just stuck to that niche since)
Senria Renewal logo.png Senria Renewal Association
Senryuu Sinseikai
New Senria Alliance Wakio Mitsui.jpg
Raizou Namioka
Takumi Nemoto.jpg
Heihatirou Edamura
0 / 545
0 / 1,000
(tbd description of party history - formed in the 2000s; briefly surged at the expense of several other right-wing parties, only to then fall into irrelevance)
Party for Pangcah logo.png Party for Pangcah
Bankazin no Tou
Yofayof no Pangcah
Equality Society Lien Chan (chopped).jpg
Ati Nakamura
Icyang Parod 2018 (cropped).jpg
Siruko Sarusawa
0 / 545
0 / 1,000
(tbd description of party history - formed in the early 1990s as a successor to a party that existed in the 60s-70s)
The Imperial Seal of Korea.svg Restoration Society
none Nagahito, Senrian pretender.PNG
Nagahito Imagawa
Yoshihiko Noda cropped 1 Yoshihiko Noda 20110902.jpg
Satohito Imagawa
0 / 545
0 / 1,000
(tbd description of party history - monarchist party formed in the 80s, with monarchism having been an absolute no before that, by the pretender after he was no longer banned from returning; considers itself successor to the kenseikai always been very very small)

Defunct parties

Party logo Party name Political alliance First leader Last leader Year formed Year dissolved Ideology
Imperial Seal of the Korean Empire.svg Constitutional Politics Association
憲政会 (껀쎄깨)
none Yasushi Nomura.jpg
Akisada Hirohata
Hamaguchi Osachi 1.jpg
Naritaka Saigou
1894 1926
(tbd description of party history - began as a vague clique/social club of pro-imperial politicians; became a political party with the creation of the Consultative Assembly in 1905, which it typically dominated because of how voting was set up; forcibly dissolved after the end of the senrev)
Blótsmaþing.png Revive Senria Association
興千會 (tbd)
none Yang Ch'u Yun.jpg
Takeru Edano
Ryuunosuke Miyamoto
1897 1910
(tbd description of party history - early republican group founded in the 1890s, merged into the kyouwakai)
Red Maple Society.png Red Maple Society
赤楓社 (tbd)
none JutaroKomura.jpeg
Tomonosuke Kusunose
Takeru inukai.jpg
Kenzou Ouhira
1902 1955
(tbd description of party history - a party that tried to pave a constitutional monarchy middle ground between the kenseikai and the parties of the future kyouwakai; was impacted hard by the senrev, where it opted to go with the kyouwakai and many of its members left as a result, and by isiyama and imahara sidelining it; limped on as a minor party until '55, when they joined the liberals)
Senryuu Taisuutou logo.png Senrian Masses Party
千龍大衆党 (hangul)
Senryuu Taisuutou
Rokurou Tanaka
1905 1908
(tbd description of party history - short-lived first try at a proletarian political party in senria; the lessons of this failure informed its successor, the senroukaibu, going forward)
Daikyoumei logo.png Great Harmony Association
大共盟 (tbd)
Takaaki Kato.jpg
Mitio Morioka
1905 1910
(tbd description of party history - sometimes also translated as "great republic association"; another republican party that ended up merged into the kyouwakai)
Black Wave Society.png Black Ocean Association
玄洋会 (hangul)
New Order Society Hachirō Arita.jpg
Yorinobu Kabasima
Shimomura Sadamu.jpg
Einosuke Sasabe
1926 1931
(monarchist secret society created after the revolution is lost, quasi-successor to the kenseikai; goes overt in xiao-occupied territories in '27; ultimately merged into the sintaiseikai when it becomes a party)
Sindicato Vertical logo, early version.svg Party of National Reconstruction
國家復興党 (hangul)
Kokka Hukkou Tou
New Order Society
Zhang Jinghui2.JPG
Yosito Otuzi
1926 1931
(short-lived party established by otuzi, used by the Reformed Government of Senria as a collaborationist tool; ultimately merged into the sintaiseikai when it becomes a party)
tbd True New Dawn Society
真黎明社 (마레메싸)
New Order Society
Michio Yuzawa.jpg
Iehiro Tokudome
1927 1931
(split from the reimeisa because they were so anti-republican that even xiaodong seemed preferable; ultimately merged into the sintaiseikai when it becomes a party)
Kujokamon.svg New Order Society
新体制会 (hangul)
Yosito Otuzi.png
Yosito Otuzi
1927 (as alliance)
1931 (as party)
(established first as a political alliance, it formally becomes a political party in 1931, but it doesn't last long because then xiaodong is pushed out of senria, and the senrian gov't executes all the leaders of the sintaiseikai for treason)
tbd Conservative Party
none Naotake Sato.jpg
Yasutarou Tamada
Hayato Ikeda.jpg
Daiki Haruoka
1940s 1950s
(tbd description of party history - existed in the 40s and 50s before dissolving due to irrelevance)