Tokiyasu Kitamura

Prime Minister of Senria
Tokiyasu Kitamura
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SenriaFlag.png 3rd Prime Minister of Senria
In office
February 21, 1954 – January 3, 1964
DeputyReihirou Tanaka
Masaharu Hasimoto
Preceded byHatirou Nakayama
Succeeded byTakesi Takahata
SenriaFlag.png 1st Minister of the Interior
In office
December 11, 1933 – March 20, 1951
Prime MinisterKaturou Imahara
Hatirou Nakayama
Preceded byPosition created
Succeeded byname
Personal details
BornNovember 12, 1901
SenriaFlag-monarchy.png Simada, Senria
DiedJanuary 3, 1964 (62 years)
SenriaFlag.png Keisi, Senria
Political partyPeople's-Senria.png People's Party
Spouse(s)Kokoro Suhama
ChildrenNaoki Kitamura
Itirou Kitamura
Alma materKeisi Imperial University
ProfessionBureaucrat, politician

Tokiyasu Kitamura (Senrian: , Kitamura Tokiyasu; November 12, 1901 - January 3, 1964) was a Senrian bureaucrat and politician who served as the third Prime Minister of Senria. Born into a low-ranking kazoku family, Kitamura graduated from Keisi Imperial University and briefly became a bureaucrat within the Empire of Senria. After the end of the Senrian Revolution, Kitamura joined the People's Party and took up work for the Republic of Senria.

During the Senrian-Xiaodongese War, Kitamura oversaw the rationing and distribution of critical resources to civilian populations within Senria. He was appointed Minister of the Interior by Prime Minister Katurou Imahara after the war, and retained the position under Hatirou Nakayama. Kitamura was a member of the Second Gang of Six, a group of government and military leaders who sought the removal of Nakayama, and was named as Nakayama's successor after the Second Gang of Six successfully forced his resignation.

As Prime Minister, Kitamura loosened the restrictions on freedom of speech, freedom of protest, and freedom of the press established by his predecessors; however, Senria continued to function as a dominant-party state under Kitamura. Kitamura also attempted to expand the reach of Senrian industry and manufacturing across Esquarium, telling a crowd in 1955 he believed that "every home in Esquarium should have at least one Senrian-made product in it". Kitamura also attempted to increase the power of the People's Party and civilian government in comparison to the Senrian Republican Armed Forces, with limited success.

In 1964, Kitamura was assassinated by Mao Shunguo, an undercover member of the Xiaodongese Shujichu, while observing a military parade in Keisi. Kitamura was succeeded by Takesi Takahata and buried in his hometown of Simada shortly thereafter.

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