Margraviate of Azmir

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Margraviate of Azmir

c. 780–1988
Flag of Azmir
Common languagesWest Azmiri
• 1-2
Joe McJoe
• 1981-1988
Iressa III Myirhai (last)
• Established
c. 780
• Annexed to Trellin
Preceded by
Succeeded by
File:Flag of the Duchy of Nikhreda.png Duchy of Nikhreda
Today part of Trellin

The Margraviate of Azmir (West Azmiri: Asimihairak-Metlandar; Old Trellinese: Mettlandhri Asimirhka) was a sovereign state in western Teudallum, on the Sea of Jajich. It was established in the late fifth century as a minor polity centred around the city of Khem, in a region then known as Asimihaira. It was established as a margraviate in the eight century, and as the major power in the region it came into conflict with the territorial ambitions of Kur'zhet and Cadenza.

Azmir remained a sovereign state into the 20th century, when it became a protectorate of Trellin. The marriage of its last ruler, Marquess Iressa III Myirhai, to Mahrim II of Trellin formally ended its independence.


The 5th- and 6th-century Lordship of Khem grew to power at the expense of the Duchy of Nikhreda. It re-styled itself as the Margraviate of Azmir and by 900 had absorbed most of Asimihaira. Efforts led by Cadenzan missionaries to Christianise Azmir were largely unsuccessful, and the Azmiri Crusade saw an almost pan-Astyrian effort to bring about conquest and conversion of Azmir. A staunch bastion of Thaerinism, Azmir firmly resisted the crusades, which at their close left Azmir the most stable and powerful statelet in southern Trellin.