Sea of Jajich

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Sea of Jajich
LocationWest Astyria
Primary inflowsStraits of Jajich, Serëtanz, Kaedroth, Lasara
Basin countriesArimathea, Dangish Empire, Trellin
Surface area2,312,900 square kilometres (893,000 sq mi)
  • Larger than 100 sq. km:
    Kur'zhet · Tenedos · Torim Edros · Baraja · Cadenza · Torim Kezidindri · Torim Fëiqos
List of cities

The Sea of Jajich is an equatorial mediterranean sea in western Astyria, connected to the Sea of Velar by the Straits of Jajich, which are 110 kilometres wide at their traditional meeting point. It is bounded by land to the east, with coastlines in Trellin, Arimathea and the Dangish Empire, and to the south by Cadenza, Kur'zhet and the Aztec National League. To the west it is bounded by the Mar Solitário and to the north by the Mederano Sea. The line along which the Mederano meets the Sea of Jajich corresponds roughly to the West Astyrian Undersea Ridge. The Eth Bandig, an archipelago which lies between the Mederano and Jajich seas, is the summits of underwater mountains in this ridge.



Coastal countries

Eight countries have coastlines along the Sea of Jajich. They are: