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Teudallum orthographic.png
Area29,286,100 km2
Population2,084,607,531 (+ a bunch of missing countries)
Population density71.2/km2 (c. 184/sq mi)
LanguagesList of languages
Time zonesUTC-1 to UTC+6
Largest cities

Teudallum is an insular continent in western Astyria. It is divided from its more northernly neighbour, Lorecia, by the Putin Strait. It is bounded to the north by the Mederano Sea, to the south-east by the Mare Ferum, to the west by the Sea of Jajich and to the south by the Bigblue Ocean.

It is Astyria's second largest continent by area, after Hesperidesia, covering approximately 29,260,000 square kilometres (11,307,000 sq mi). If the Woodsteasian Isles, which lie on the Teudallic continental shelf, are included, it is Astyria's largest continent, at 30,670,200 square kilometres. Of Teudallum's 25 countries, Nikolia is the largest while Monsa is its smallest.

Teudallum is an extremely culturally diverse continent, with many of its peoples holding strong national identities. Despite this, it has been historically characterised by close ties and the intermixing of cultural ideas, perhaps most notably in the Ethlorek migrations from eastern Lorecia to modern Trellin.

Together with Lorecia, Teudallum constitutes the Astyrian 'Old World', as the majority of its landmass has been settled since prehistory. Only the equatorial and desert regions of the continent remained stateless into the early modern era. The west Teudallic nations, such as Berique, Cadenza and Dungeyland, presided over significant colonial empires, with their influence reaching across the region; these three nations are the last to hold overseas territories, excluding Northern ViZion which lies in Lorecia. Territories of non-Teudallic countries on the continent include Al-Raha, a possession of Riysa, and Sycoon, a dominion of Kylarnatia.



Teudallum has been settled since prehistory. Indigenous peoples have been shown to have inhabited what is now Trellin since at least 18,000 BC, initially as hunter-gatherers in the vast rainforests thereof before transitioning to an agricultural culture around 2,200 BC.


Middle Ages

Early Modern Period

20th century to present day







List of states and territories

The list below includes the countries and territories in Teudallum.

Flag Arms Name Area (km) Population Population density (per km) Capital Name(s) in official language(s)
Berique Berique Berique 635,372 ? ? ? Berique
Cadenza Cadenza Cadenza 5,183.94 1,506,583 290.63 Cadenza Khade
Cassonne Balearic Islands Cassonne 1,562,200 Citadelle Royán Cassonne
Dangish Empire Dungeyland Dangish Empire 1,323,452 1,883,260,183 1423 New London Dangish Empire
Great Nortend Great Nortend Great Nortend 190,542 32,102,002 168.48 Lendert-with-Cadell Great Nortend
Nikolia Nikolia Nikolia 6,182,800 725,364,156 117 Carigrad Николија
Trellin Trellin Trellin 1,914,936.1 229,142,864 118.7 Martheqa Trelli'ka
Monsa Monaco Monsa 467.63 78,450 179.8 Monsa Monsa
Alcantara File:Coat of Arms of Alcantara.png Alcantara 2,708,339 1,143 A Gracia República Alcantara
Slovertia Slovertia Slovertia 43,791 7,433,371 Brativas Slovertskó
Template:Country data Equinoxiale Monsa Equinoxiale 91 64.850 712 Marqueville Compagnié Commercialé de Équinoxiale