Minister-Chairman of Ostry

Minister-Chairman of the Free State of Ostry
Minyster-przédnik Wòlnégo Państwô Òstrskégo
Ministerpräsident des Freistaates Ostrei
Radoslaw Sikorski.jpg
Jón Woss

since 16 February 2020
Office of the Minister-Chairman
Member ofCabinet of Ostry
Residence12 sztrasa Antónka
AppointerKaiser of Werania
Term lengthNo fixed term
Formation1 January 1986
First holderRemigiùsz Woss
Salary€150,000 annual

The Minister-Chairman of the Free State of Ostry (Ostric: Minyster-przédnik Wòlnégo Państwô Òstrskégo;Weranic: Ministerpräsident des Freistaates Ostrei) is the head of government of the Free State of Ostry. The Minister-Chairman is appointed by the Kaiser with support by the regional Dorada, and normally commands the majority of the Assembly to stay in power. As head of government, the Minister-Chairman is seen as the representative of Ostric issues on the federal level, and maintains the governance of the island. The current incumbent is Jón Woss of the Social Democratic Radical Party, since 16 February 2020.

List of Minister-Chairmen of the Free State of Ostry (1986–Present)

Portrait Name
Took office Left office Political party Election
Tadeusz Truskolaski Senat RP 01.JPG Remigiùsz Woss
24 August 1986 2 September 1994 Social Democratic Radical Party 1986
Tomasz Posadzki.JPG Robert Szucher
2 September 1994 15 February 1996 Ostric People's Party 1994
Marek Czekalski.jpg Jón Burgstaller
15 February 1996 9 April 2006 Social Democratic Radical Party 1996
Jerzy Wilk Sejm 2015.JPG Hugo Górka
9 April 2006 3 March 2008 Social Democratic Radical Party
Czesław Adam Siekierski.jpg Léch Kneller
3 March 2008 12 June 2012 Ostric Coalition 2008
Sławomir Piechota Sejm 2018.jpg Johann Schöttmer
12 June 2012 4 December 2019 Social Democratic Radical Party 2012
Aurelia Frick - 2017 (cropped).jpg Nataliô Kohl
4 December 2019 16 February 2020 Social Democratic Radical Party
Radoslaw Sikorski.jpg Jón Woss
16 February 2020 Incumbent Social Democratic Radical Party 2020