Capital city
Eriksztadt Harbour
Eriksztadt Harbour
"Pearl of the North"
Country Werania
Free state Ostry
 • Total13 km2 (5 sq mi)
 • Total6,235
 • Density480/km2 (1,200/sq mi)

Eriksztadt (lit. 'Eric's town'; Weranic: Erichstadt) is the capital and largest municipality of Ostry. The economic and cultural centre of the island since its founding in 1719, Eriksztadt is the main port of entry in Ostry, and historically was a major trade and re-fueling port in the far north. The town is now primarily a fishing community and notable regional tourist destination, and boasts a number of churches, schools, government facilities, parks, and entertainment venues such as Sztrasa Jóna, well-known for its pubs, live music, and view of Eriksztadt Harbour.


A lithograph of Eriksztadt from around 1820.

Although settlement in and around Eriksztadt extend back to the 10th century, the modern settlement was only established in 1719 as a fishing outpost and harbour for nearby ships. Local myth states that the town's founder, Hans Frank, named the outpost after a male lover named Erich, during a time where male-male relationships were considered sinful. Although not confirmed, the story has become a part of local legend over the centuries.

Originally founded as a fishing outpost, Eriksztadt quickly grew into a commercial and military harbour in the 1750s, with the town located in an ideal area to service increasingly more frequent shipping lanes in the North Sea. The municipality saw a boom in population and expansion of the habour front in the 1840s, leading to the development of the community's Old Town, and the establishment of Sztrasa Jóna as an area for sailors visiting the island. Eriksztadt remained in a state of slow growth throughout the 19th and early 20th centuries, save for periods of mass emigration from the island. Eriksztadt Airport was opened in 1947, positioning the town as one of the main transportation hubs in the far north.

Today, the town is the economic, transportation, and cultural hub of Ostry, and a notable draw for tourism from around the region.


Located on the south-western coast of Ostry, Eriksztadt sees a normally subarctic climate, with heavy precipitation and snowfall during the winter months. Eriksztadt also experiences the midnight sun during the summer, and it's opposing polar night in the winter.


As Ostry's largest town and capital, Eriksztadt is home to numerous landmarks and buildings of note, many taking on a hospitality or government function.

Economy and transport

Eriksztadt has traditionally been a major hub for trade and commerce in the far north, resulting in a relatively bustling harbour, an a growing tourist-based economy despite the town's relative isolation. Eriksztadt Harbour is the port of entry for all shipments and crafts entering from international water, including ferry services to Solstiana. Since 1947, the town is also site to Eriksztadt Airport, the island's only airport. Eriksztadt is connected by the Ostric Highway to Przëkam-Roztoka to the north and Nowa Łãka to the south.


Education in Eriksztadt is run under the Eriksztadt District School Board, which runs two primary schools,Jónek Nesz Primary and Eriksztadt Primary. The board also administers the one secondary school, Erikstadt Secondary.

The University of Ostry is located in the city, on Straszna Rëbna.


Eriksztadt is home to Julius Kneib Memorial Centre, a community centre known for its ice hockey rink and indoor basketball court, and acts as the home for the Eriksztadt Reindeer hockey team. Eriksztadt Stadium, the island's largest football pitch, hosts tournaments between Ostry's municipalities, and is home for Eriksztadt FC.

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