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Principality of Montgisard
Principho Moinngisardhe (Montgisene)
Principa di-Mundgizard (Sydalene)
Principat de-Montgisard (Outremeri)
Flag of Montgisard
Coat of arms of Montgisard
Coat of arms
Montgisard within Sydalon
Montgisard within Sydalon
StatusSydalene domain
and largest city
Official languages
GovernmentSydalene domain
• Prince
Gabriel II
• Chancellor
Arthur de Machaino
House of Lords
Chamber of Deputies
• First crusade
April 1238
• Introduction
2 September 1921
• Total
12,384 km2 (4,781 sq mi)
• 2018 census
GDP (nominal)2018 estimate
• Total
$84.225 billion
• Per capita
$35,000 (2018)
CurrencyDenier (𐆖) (SDD)
Time zoneUTC-1 (SST)
Calling code+555 60

Montgisard (Montgisene: Moinngisardh; Sydalene: Mundgizard), officially the Principality of Montgisard (Montgisene: Principho Moinngisardhe; Outremeri: Principat de-Montgisard; Sydalene Principa di-Mundgizard) is the largest and most populous of Sydalon's 11 domains, not including the Royal Domain.

It consists of the island Serenia, and a minor archipelago, both 10km off the Sydalene coast, and two cities on mainland Scipia. The territory has a primarily Periclean climate, and major tourist destinations. The culture of Montgisard is somewhat distinct compared to the rest of Sydalon, making it the only domain where Montgisene is one of the primary language spoken.

Montgisard has a population of 2,606,433. The official languages of Montgisard are Montgisene, Outremeri and Sydalene.


The official name of the island that consists of the Principality of Montgisard is Cerenia. The name is believed to derives from the mythological Sirens. The principality takes it's name from the city of Montgisard, which serves as the capital and seat of domain. The city sits near the ruins of the ancient Aradian city of Gezer. It derives it's name from the Audonian mont-, meaning mountain. However the meaning of gisard remains disputed. One interpretation poses that it is a misinterpretation of Gezer by Belisarian crusaders who conquered the area in the 13th century. While another claims it is from the Gaelic gisardh meaning "glittering" in reference to it's location between Mt Gezer and the ocean.


Geography and climate

Montgisard is characterized by it's hilly terrain, including a low mountain range from Mt Gezer in the south east to Mt XXXX in the center of the main island of Cerenea. While Montgisard's climate is primarily Periclean, the Thalassan coastal areas tend to be more mild with rainy winters. There are numerous rivers, the most notable being NAME River due to it's canyons and mouth at the city of Montgisard.

Government and politics

Montgisard is one of eleven domains of Sydalon. It is governed according to a statute of autonomy granted by the Crown, in accordance of the Constitution. Unlike other domains in Sydalon, Montgisard is unique in having a separate civil code.

On the national level, it is represented by 38 seats in the National Assembly (38 directly elected, of which 22 are party list). Since 2018, 72 residents of Montgisard are members of the Chamber of Peers, however these lords of the chamber are not allocated to Montgisard. The local government is overseen and administered by the Prince of Montgisard, Gabriel II; he has regined since 2022.

Locally, Montgisard is administered by three authorities:

Administrative divisions

Montgisard consists of five diocese, two independent municipalities (Montgisard and Destroit), and one duchy (Vescera). Each diocese is governed by a limited council and are further subdivided into municipalities which are governed by a mix of lord-council or mayor-council systems. Independent municipalities are governed similarly to typical municipalities, but do not fall within the jurisdiction of a diocese council. In some cases, independent municipalities are granted special powers. The independent municipality of Montgisard is the largest city in the Principality, and third largest in the country. It is governed directly by the Prince and the Council of Ministers. Prior to the introduction of the Montgisene City Council, legislative acts pertaining to the city were handled by Parliament. The independent municipality of Destroit is governed by the Prince and it's own city council, the latter of which is presided over by a mayor; it is governed independently from the historical province of Destroit.

The Duchy of Vescera is a special administrative area of Montgisard. Once a domain itself, Vescera entered the demesne of the Prince of Montgisard in 1895 after it was inherited by Prince Robert IV following the death of first cousin once removed Duke Joseph XI. Vescera is administered by the Prince in his capacity as Duke. It's parliament was abolished in 1901, and was been subdivided into 4 municipalities that were governed by city councils. In 2020, Vescera was granted its own parliament, which is presided over by the Viceroy.

Coast guard

Montgisard is the only domain to have it's own separate coast guard service, the Liteh Custodil. Apart from assisting the national coast guard when required, the Montgisene coast guard is responsible for coastal and fisheries surveillance; maritime search and rescue; and protection of the sea environment.


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