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Peerage of Sydalon

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The Peerage of Sydalon is a hereditary distinction in the Sydalene nobility that encompasses a small number of individual nobles. Titles in the Peerage of Sydalon are held by the most prestigious, and highest-ranking indiviudals of Sydalene nobility. This differs from other peerage systems abroad that encompass nearly all titled nobility. The title of Peer of Sydalon is an additional honorific granted to those that are domain monarchs, princes of the blood holding an appanage, and princes of the blood holding a titular ducal title.


At the creation of the Kingdom of Sydalon after the First Crusade in 1237, a number of fiefs were granted by the Pope or Monarch of Sydalon. Originally, 14 fiefdoms were granted below the Monarch and are collectively known as ancient peers. These peers were attached to specific fief and territorial designation and were the chief vassals of the Monarch. Of these original 15 peers, only 6 remain extant with 5 currently functioning as modern domains in Sydalon. The remainder have since merged into the crown. As the highest remaining peer in precedence, the Prince of Montgisard is the most senior and prestigious Peer of Sydalon.

The traditional thirteen peers are (in order of precedence):

  1. Prince of Ostracine
  2. Prince of Montgisard
  3. Duke of Rabuleia
  4. Duke of Toron
  5. Duke of Philippopolis
  6. Duke of Melfi
  7. Duke of Hayan
  8. Duke of Esebon
  9. Duke of Vescera
  10. Count of Souzusa
  11. Count of Rema
  12. Count of Tarraba
  13. Count of Kappara
  14. Count of Thapse

Types of peers

Ancient peers

Within their domains, peers collect revenue from land dues, property, and salaries from offices held at the royal level. Peers play a key role in the anointing of the Monarch and are granted other dignities, such as the right to audience with the Monarch at time of convenience, attend sessions of Parliament at their leisure, and serve as chief executive within their respective domains. Of the original peers, only the Prince of Montgisard (simultaniously as the Duke of Vescera), Duke of Philippopolis, Duke of Toron, Duke of Hayan, and Count of Melfi remain and currently serve as executive leaders of top-level domains. Two domain executives – the Count of Gadir and the Count of Tanas – were originally lands subservient to the Duke of Esebon and the Duke of Philippopolis, but were created following the Sydalene Third Civil War and now constitute top-level domains. While there are lesser landed nobles in all domains of Sydalon, they are not considered peers; however, they also are sworn to both their liege lord-peer and the Monarch.

Blood domains

At the advent of the kingdom, secondary sons of the Monarch were granted appanges from within the Royal Domain in order to prevent revolts and were used as an extension of royal power in these areas. The first appanage created was the Principality of Adelon in 1361 to the illegitimate son of King William V. These titles were more restrictive than the ancient peers. Appanages in Sydalon are commonly referred to as Blood Domains. They earn their name as being held by princes of the blood, and may be only inherited by male descendants of the grantee, which excludes daughters. The lands cannot be sold, or otherwise transmitted, and revert to the Crown upon the line's extinction. Since the 1600s, blood domain titles formerly of comital rank are traditionally elevated to ducal rank upon granting.

Blood domains remain part of the Royal Domain, though today still serve an administrative purpose within the Royal Domain. Currently five blood domains exist: Duke of Esebon, Duke of Ramitha, Duke of Rema, Duke of Thapse, and Duke of Seressi. While Adelon was originally created as a blood domain, it is often considered among the ancient peers due to its longevity and status as a first-level domain.

Duke of Royal Blood

All male-line descendants of the Monarch are considered Prince or Princess of the Blood. Younger sons of the Monarch are generally granted a ducal title, traditionally a blood domain, though more common in the modern era they are created a Duke of Royal Blood. These dukes are afforded the status of Peer of Sydalon, and are typically granted rights over a much smaller territorial designation when compared to blood domains. In most instances, this dignity is ceremonial. Currently there are 5 Dukes of Royal Blood, and 1 Count.

Order of precedence

The general order of precedence among peers is:

  • Ancient peers (according to rank)
  • Peers of the Domain (according to date of creation)
  • Peers of Royal blood (according to date of creation)

Typically the order of precedence is based upon the age of the peerage, with older peerages holding precedence over younger. The Prince of Petra is an exception to this general rule due to its status as the title of the heir apparent, and as such is not considered a peer. The Monarch may raise a peer in the order of precedence, and the order may vary in specific instances, such as the Monarch's anointing. Generally, children and grandchildren of a Monarch, whom hold the rank of prince of blood, are afforded precedence over all peers, except that of the Prince of Petra.

List of Sydalene peerages

Ancient peers

Ruler Title Arms House – Peerage Location Spouse – Children
Michael Douglas César 2016 3.jpg Prince
Joscelin V

b. 1940
Coat of Arms of the Principality of Montgisard.png
Flag of Montgisard.svg
House of Calien-Destroit
c. 13th century

Principality of Montgisard
since 1972
Duchy of Vescera
since 1972
Map of the Principality of Montgisard.png Spouse:
(1) Virginia of Tanas

(1) Alice, Queen of Gaemar, (2) Robert, Hereditary Prince of Montgisard, (3) James, Count of Maiorca, (4) Princess Sara, (5) Rachelle, Countess of Larache, (6) Princess Louise, (7) Mary, Lady of Gadres (8) Princess Lorena

William VI, Prince of Adelon.jpg Prince
William VII

b. 1962
Coat of Arms of the Principality of Adelon.png
Flag of the Principality of Adelon.png
House of Adelon
c. 14th century

Principality of Adelon
since 2006
Principality of Adelon.png Spouse:
(1) Anabel of Gadera

(1) Louis Alfonse, Hereditary Prince of Adelon, (2) Princess Camila, (3) Alzina, Hereditary Countess of Tebnine, (4) Princess Desideria

Prince Sebastian, Duke of Montfort.jpg Duke
Sebastian I

b. 1991
Coat of Arms of the County of Toron.png
Flag of the County of Toron.png
House of Toron
c. 8th century

Duchy of Toron
since 2013
Map of the County of Toron.png Spouse:
(1) Jocelyn of Gaemar

(1) Erwan, Hereditary Duke, (2) Princess Alice

Aubin I, Duke of Philippopolis.jpg Duke
Aubin IV

b. 1993
Coat of Arms of the Duchy of Philippopolis.png
Flag of the Duchy of Philippopolis.png
House of Imbert
c. 13th century

Duchy of Philippopolis
since 2006
Map of the County of Philipopolis.png Spouse:
(1) Adriana of Esebon

(1) Sidonne of Philippopolis, (2) Victoria of Philippopolis

Leon I, Duke of Cartega.jpg Duke
Leon I

b. 1977
Coat of Arms of the Duchy of Utica.png
Flag of the Duchy of Utica.png
House of Sapanba
c. 16th century

Duchy of Cartega
since 2020
Map of the County of Utica.png Spouse:
(1) Astrid of Lihnidos

(1) Agnes of Cartega, (2) Elissa of Cartega, (3) Maria of Cartega, (4) Florina of Cartega

Demian Bichir 2012 Shankbone.JPG Duke
Emmanuel II

b. 1970
Coat of arms of the Duchy of Tiberias & Ramitha.png
Flag of Tiberias.svg
House of Ramitha-Pardaillan-Adherba
c. 13th century

Duchy of Tiberias
since 1989
Duchy of Ramitha
since 1935
Map of the Domain of the Duke of Tiberias.png Spouse:
(1) Fausta Flavia

(1) Emmanuelle of Tiberias, (2) Rainier, Hereditary Duke of Tiberias, (3) Anabel of Tiberias, (4) Diana of Tiberias

JavierBardemHWOFNov2012 cropped.jpg Duke
Henry II

b. 1958
Coat of Arms of the Duchy of Hayan.png
Flag of the Duchy of Hayan.png
House of Scaliger
c. 13th century

Duchy of Hayan
since 2013
Map of the Lordship of Hayan.png Spouse:
(1) Esmerelda of Pomaru

(1) Henrietta, Countess of Iudila, (2) Henry, Hereditary Duke of Hayan, (3) Jeanne, Lady of Stillmuni, (4) Hugh of Hayan, (5) Olympe, Duchess of Silingia, (6) John of Hayan, (7) Gabriella, Hereditary Lord of Qarkna, (8) Constance of Hayan, (9) Robert of Hayan, (10) Christina of Hayan, (11) Domincia of Hayan

Balian VIII, Duke of Melfi.jpg Duke
Guaimar VIII

b. 1972
Coat of Arms of the County of Melfi.png
Flag of the County of Melfi.png
House of Eu
c. 8th century

Duchy of Melfi
since 2008
Map of the County of Melfi.png Spouse:
(1) Philippa of Siliniga

(1) Robert, Lord of Melfi, (2) Theodora of Melfi, (3) Jordan of Melfi

Tony Shalhoub (50939941691).jpg Count
Danel III

b. 1963
Coat of Arms of the Lordship of Gadir.png
Flag of Gadir.svg
House of Ureu
c. 11th century

County of Gadera
since 2020
Map of the Lordship of Gadir.png Spouse:
(1) Beatrice of Philippopolis

(1) Cassander, Hereditary Count, (2) Cassandra of Gadera, (3) Fernande, Lord of Stillmuni, (4) Margerie of Gadera, (5) Boldasar of Gadera, (6) Zidon of Gadera, (7) Azibal of Gadera, (8) Aaron of Gadera, (9) Baltsar of Gadera, (10) Isaac of Gadera, (11) Adonica of Gadera, (12) Maria of Gadera, (13) Simon of Gadera, (14) Theodora of Gadera, (15) Jacob of Gadera, (16) Janine of Gadera, (17) Victoria of Gadera

Claude Bartolone meeting Ali Akbar Velayati in Tehran 04.jpg Count
Desiderius III

b. 1950
Coat of Arms of the County of Tanas.png
Flag of the County of Tanas.png
House of Tanas
c. 15th century

County of Tanas
since 2002
Map of the County of Tanas.png Spouse:
(1) Lucille of Melfi

(1) Caelestinus, Lord of Seddori, (2) Constantine III, Lord of Rusicada, (3) Charlotte of Tanas, (4) Maria, Hereditary Lady of Geiseran

Peers of the Domain

Ruler Title Arms House – Peerage Location Spouse – Children
Michael III, Duke of Esebon.jpg Duke
Michael III

b. 1962
Coat of Arms of Esebon.png
Flag of Esebon.png
House of Esebon

Duchy of Esebon
since 2020
Esebon in the royal domain.png Spouse:
(1) Victoria of Asota
(2) Adaya of Tiberias

(1) Marina I, Countess of Asota, (2) Adriana, Duchess of Philippopolis, (3) Prince Philip, (4) Prince Deodat, (5) Princess Isabella

Vittorio Emanuele di Savoia (2009).jpg Duke
Andreas I

b. 1946
Arms of the Duke of Kappara.png
Flag of Kappara.svg
House of Kappara

Duchy of Kappara
since 1969
Location of Kappara in the Royal Domain.png Spouse:
(1) Belandra of Pomaru

(1) Prince Philippa, (2) Princess Sophia, (3) Prince John, (4) Princess Nicola, (5) Princess Agnes, (6) Prince James, (7) Princess Maria, (8) Prince Isaur

Francis I, Duke of Rema.jpg Duke
Francis I

b. 1968
Coat of Arms of Rema.png
Flag of Rema.png
House of Rema

Duchy of Rema
since 1990
Rema in the royal domain.png Spouse:
(1) Cassandra of Gadera

(1) Prince Jordan, (2) Princess Belandra, (3) Princess Emmanuelle, (4) Prince Henry, (5) Princess Berenice

HospitalReal01 (cropped).jpg Duke
Theodoric I

b. 1971
Coat of Arms of Thapse.png
Flag of Thapse.png
House of Thapse

Duchy of Thapse
since 1995
Thapse in the Royal Domain.png Spouse:
(1) Elisabetta of Calla

(1) Princess Caroline

95px Duke
Robert I

b. 1977
Coat of Arms of the Duke of Seressi.png
Flag of Seressi.png
House of Seressi

Duchy of Seressi
since 2007
Location of Seressi in the Royal Domain.png Spouse:
(1) Benedictine of Neuenburg

(1) Princess Roberta, (2) Princess Louise

Richard of Sydalon.jpg Duke
Richard II

b. 1983
Coat of Arms of the Duke of Valmosia.png
Flag of Valmosia.svg
House of Valmosia

Duchy of Valmosia
since 2010
170px Spouse:
(1) TBD

(1) TBD

Robert Forster (6855560712) (cropped).jpg Count
Flavius II

b. 1940
Arms of the Duke of Narona.png House of Aemelius

County of Bourzey
since 1979
Location of Bourzey in the Royal Domain.png Spouse:
(1) Ianuaria Caetronia Orontes

(1) Prince Theodorus, (2) Princess Destasia

95px Count
Constantine III

b. 1978
Arms of the Duke of Bonna.png House of Blaesus

County of Sala
since 2016
Location of Sala in the Royal Domain.png Spouse:
(1) Flavia Antistia

(1) Dalmatius Blaesus, (2) John Blaesus

Michael, Duke of Ravenna.jpg Count
Michael III

b. 1964
Coat of Arms of the Duke of Ravenna.png House of Ravenna

County of Afufenia
since 2020
Location of Afufenia in the Royal Domain.png Spouse:
(1) Princess Joanna of Latium

(1) Prince Victor, (2) Princess Silvia, (3) Prince William, (4) Princess Diana

Sibylla of Sydalon.jpg Countess

b. 1975
Arms of the Duke of Birkara.png House of Aultavilla (Toron)

County of Birkara
since 1998
Location of Birkara in the Royal Domain.png Spouse:
(1) Prince Baldakar of Dakmoor

(1) Violant Claudia de Aultavilla (illegit.), (2) Princess Elissa, (3) Prince Gabriel, (4) Princess Bastila, (5) Prince Baelon, (6) Prince Damon, (7) Princess Jocelyn, (8) Princess Melara

Antonius Stellantinus.jpg Count

b. 1991
80px House of Stellatinus

County of Curubia
since 2001
170px Spouse:


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