Naprzód (West Miersa)

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ChairmanSylwester Wrzesiński
Parliamentary LeaderAdrian Rozak
HeadquartersWest Żobrodź, West Miersa
IdeologyEconomic liberalism
Miersan nationalism
Social conservatism
Political positionRight
Colors     Gold
National Assembly
205 / 307

Naprzód (lit. Forward) is a political party which is the governing party of the Miersan Sotirian Republic, having governed West Miersa since 2016, and prior to that, from 1986 to 2011.

Established in 1965 by economic liberals critical of the governing Miersan National Party's economic policies which favoured closer ties with Soravia against those of the nascent Euclean Community, the party did not win any seats in the 1966 and 1971 elections, although its popularity grew substantially, and by 1976, they were able to gain six seats in the National Assembly.

During the Miersan War, Naprzód enthusiastically supported the war effort, and became critical of the government's "indifference" to the plight of the Miersan nation: this not only led it to become more aligned with Soravia in the aftermath, but also made it a popular alternative to the governing Miersan National Party, particularly as many people viewed the Miersan National Party as only being able to secure a "glorious defeat" thanks to the help of Episemialist militias. This led to Naprzód taking power in 1986, and would govern continuously until 2011.

In this period, Naprzód instituted economic liberal policies and began to politically liberalize West Miersa as well, culminating in allowing the voiovdeships to exercise their powers under the West Miersan constitution in the early 2000s, and in 2006, by allowing the then-Minister-President, Oskar Palubicki, to exercise his full powers under the constitution.

However, after the 2011 elections, when Naprzód maintained control of the Presidency but lost control of the National Assembly, the situation led to deadlock and tensions between the two parties, culminating in a constitutional crisis that was only solved in June 2013, when Soravia backed the Miersan National Party, allowing them to take control of the Presidency.

In 2016, Naprzód retook control of the Presidency and National Assembly after waging a campaign against the "coup d'etat" and appeals to Miersan nationalism.



Ideologically, Naprzód has advocated for economic neoliberalism. While in the late 1980s and through the 1990s and early 2000s, West Miersa underwent economic reforms and privatized many government-owned enterprises, since the mid-2000s, these efforts have stalled, despite Naprzód's official committment to economic neoliberalism.

Socially, they advocate for social conservatism, and seek to maintain prohibitions on same-sex marriage, and only permit abortions in the event of rape or in case of a medical emergency. They also support tough-on-crime policies. However, unlike the Miersan National Party, they were supportive of some social reforms, such as legalizing homosexuality, and legalizing abortion in the event of rape, or in case of a medical emergency.

However, like the Miersan National Party, they are committed to a reunited "Miersan Sotirian Republic," under the constitution of the Miersan Sotirian Republic.


Election results


Election year Candidate Voting Victory?
No. of votes % of vote
1976 Bożimir Traczyk 782,028 6.3% No
1986 Maksymilian Trzeciak 9,409,615 71.2% Yes
1991 Maksymilian Trzeciak 8,539,258 63.5% Yes
1996 Damian Jackowiak 8,585,833 61.2% Yes
2001 Damian Jackowiak 7,871,608 52.9% Yes
2006 Tomisław Sobolewski 7,871,608 52.9% Yes
2011 Tomisław Sobolewski 7,431,740 51.7% Yes
2016 Sylwester Wrzesiński 8,180,631 57.2% Yes
2021 Adrian Rozak 5,732,930 49.7% Yes

National Assembly

Election Parliamentary leader Candidates Seats +/- Position
1966 Bożimir Traczyk 41/138
0 / 230
Decrease 4 Extra-parliamentary opposition
1971 77/138
0 / 230
Steady Extra-parliamentary opposition
1976 Remigiusz Turowski 97/138
6 / 230
Increase 6 Opposition party
1986 Ksawery Sulewski 135/138
113 / 230
Increase 107 Minority government
1991 Korneli Krasowsky 138/138
131 / 230
Increase 18 Majority government
1996 Korneliusz Cygan 138/138
137 / 230
Increase 6 Majority government
2001 Tomisław Sobolewski 138/138
146 / 230
Increase 9 Majority government
2006 Oskar Palubicki 138/138
144 / 230
Decrease 2 Majority government
2011 138/138
107 / 230
Decrease 37 Opposition party
2016 Adrian Rozak 138/138
129 / 230
Increase 22 Majority government
2021 Denis Głodowski 138/138
226 / 307
Increase 97 Majority government